INVASION: Army of Illegal Migrants Is Marching Its Way Through Mexico to U.S. Border


There is a video at the site of Mexican authorities allowing the migrant army to cross into Mexico from Guatemala bound for the United States.

The invasion continues!

(And I’d guess that leftists still don’t want a wall?)


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Again, the question has to be asked.

These people are clearly refugees; if you have something against letting them in, then when do you ever let refugees in?

Are you just saying that letting in refugees is never worth it?


I’m curious: Do you believe the Bible yourself, or are you just quoting selectively as a bludgeon against conservative Christians?


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CLAIMING “refugee” status and actually BEING a refugee are two, entirely different things, Malerin. MOST of these people aren’t fleeing physical danger. They’re fleeing POVERTY…looking for some of the free handouts that our government provides. Their efforts would be better used in fixing their own countries instead of leeching off of ours.


Children fleeing poverty? The nerve! I guess that makes them subhuman and beyond help, doesn’t it?


The CHILDREN aren’t fleeing poverty. Their PARENTS are and SAYING that they’re coming here because they “aren’t safe” at home.


So the parents are fleeing poverty WITH their children. Well that’s a distinction that certainly makes a difference! I guess since parents are involved, we should let the kids starve. Very charitable. Very Christian.

And lulz at putting “aren’t safe” in quotes.


I was raised Christian. It didn’t stick. I can quote you scripture all day about people like Trump, but you already know that.


Latin America is the most violent area in the world not embroiled in a war.

They most likely aren’t safe at home.

You should look more into their circumstances before writing them off. I think there’s alot here you’re overlooking.


I literally just watched The Two Towers yesterday.


They aren’t refugees. They are economic migrants coming to exploit white people’s taxdollars.


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They are refugees. Latin America is in a crap-spin right now, and violent gangs are everywhere.
People we’ve deported back there have had to go into hiding.

Look outside of the U.S.

Before you accuse them off the cuff, go look.


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And again, I ask the question; is it never worthwhile to take in refugees?

Refugees always come from countries in a crap societal meltdown; that’s kind of the deal.

These refugees are no different than the Vietnamese, or the Cubans, or the Jews fleeing the pogroms.

Shitty people doing things to other shitty people, with others getting caught in the fray, as violence tends to get everyone involved. Judging from past experience, is it worth it?


What makes you think I want Vietnamese, Cubans, or Jews?


I would assume you’d want an innovative & productive economy, just because, that’s an awesome thing to have. Make people feel like the country is going somewhere; that there’s a future to look forward to.

And all three of those groups performs as well or better than whites, so calling them a “cost” wouldn’t hold up.


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