INVASION: Army of Illegal Migrants Is Marching Its Way Through Mexico to U.S. Border





"When they get to Mexico, the Honduran migrants visit different embassies and consulates, including those belonging to the U.S., to try to be officially recognized as asylum seekers.

These are people that have been stranded in Tapachula, Mexico, awaiting refuge. Most of them have to wait for a year or more and the majority get rejected,” said Abeja who describes Mexico’s asylum system as one that’s “demoralizing and exhausting.”

When Mexico rejects them, the next step is to go to the U.S., and the safest, most organized way to do that is through the caravan,” Abeja said."

And even if they did, so what? The S. Vietnamese didn’t wait in a different country to appeal for asylum, and the situation of these refugees is no less desperate.

Who have no connection with domestic politics here, you haven’t looked into them Dave.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras, look them up. You have no idea right now what they do, and what they have in fact done for people like this.


I’ll take that as a YES. I’m putting you down on the same list as all the leftists who DO want to destroy this country as we know it. I have nothing further to discuss. Reply, or not, at your leisure.


Even better! They don’t even consider other Kurds to be pure enough and frequently quarrel and kill each other. Let’s get in on that action as fast as possible!

Nothing America needs more than quarreling factions of Islamic immigrants living next to each other. Only good and amazing things can come from such cultural enrichment.

Allahu Akbar.


When did letting in refugees not work out for us?

How are they different from people with the same situation who came here before?

You say “destroy”, but where is the evidence for that? History, even recent history, gives us a very different picture.


I read 'somewhere that CNN has broadcasts in some third world countries on how to get into America and then how to take advantage of all the freebies!

I would have just ignored this as a fairytale if I hadn’t been on an International forum and it was posters from some of these places posting this.

I’ve searched for links but haven’t found any.


Dude, why are you even hung up on the Kurds? They’re largely secular, Kurdistan is hailed as the “Texas of the Middle east”, and you can regularly see them waiving American flags at the head of their convoys.

The only listed Kurdish terrorist group is the Kurdish Worker’s Party, whose never attacked us. We recognize them as one because of Turkey.


Oh hey look, it’s Ronald Reagan tossing a coin to a Vietnamese refugee, who became a West Point graduate.

It’s almost as if he thought America was intended to produce these sorts of people.


You’re the one who brought them up. I’m mostly concerned about Mexicans as they make up over 1/2 of our immigrants(legal and non). No other particular group even comes close to that.

You’re really going to hold Reagan up as a good example of how to handle immigration? The current mess we have is in large part thanks to Reagan(and Teddy Kennedy).


Whom we’ve had an integrated migrant flow of since the 1920s, if not earlier?

Who were 70% of our railroad workers and meatpackers, even then?

Who, I’ll reiterate, actually are learning English, at the rate we would expect them to?
With the super-majority of the 3rd Generation, basically speaking it as their primary or only language?

Yeah, because his original plan, the one he ran on, was basically the Goldwater plan.

He was talked out of that, and embraced amnesty, because of the Unions (who wrote our current laws), as they were fine with that. They just didn’t want an immigration system that worked. They wanted one with “safeguards” and levers that they could use to create obfuscations as they saw fit.

And the result was a predictable cluster****.


BS. 44% of Kalifornia households speak a foreign language at home…even today! That’s NOT “assimilation.”


Yes it is, because only 18.6 percent don’t speak English well.

That’s the trend Dave, and that number is from the same slate of statistics you’re quoting.


Brb, moving to China where I’ll dress like I’m in Lyon speak only French and hang out with only French people and when someone wonders why I’m not just still in France since I seem to have no reason to be in China I’ll just say “C’est raciste!”.


Going to pick up a history book on the 19th century while you’re there? This mythical time where over 1/4 of Americans were foreigners (double of today), and we didn’t succumb to balkinization? In a smaller, poorer country?

Fact: The 3rd generation dispropotionatly speaks English, and they grew, not shrunk in English rates since the 1980s.

I noticed you didn’t respond to this.

It’s almost like… you crack jokes to distract from the hole in your argument.

A hole big enough to sail a Chinese Junk through. A junk filled with immigrants from the 19th century, from China, who made us better off, despite having no cultural similarities to us.

Something you keep trying to tell me is impossible. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sure, here’s pew on the matter

First off, “Hey bro, just wait for 60 years for them to integrate” is not a strong argument IMO.

So “only” 1/3 of 3rd generation Hispanics primarily identify with their grandparent’s homeland. While a bit over 1/2 primarily identify as Americans. Woohoo?

Maybe those who were born here are at least contributing to the economy in a more substantial way than picking fruit and bringing a plate of food in a Mexican restaurant?

Well, no. No, they are not.

Average Hispanic household size is:
3.4 people

Which means just a little 1/2 of them are still living in poverty even after growing up here. As the cutoff point for poverty at 3.4 persons is about 28k.


Dude… those numbers are on English Dominance.

When it comes to English Comprehension, it looks like this (FROM PEW):

They’re doing this better than the Germans. So… why are you analyzing in a vacuum, and pretending that’s normal?

Most immigration is about manpower; always has been. I don’t get your angle, but it’s not true to real life economics or sociology or history.

My great Grandfather from Italy had no skills, and before coming here lived off an uncle. Getting here, all he did was assemble furniture.

Skills are important, but secondary to the primary purpose of filling labor gaps.

We don’t need them to contribute in extravegent ways (although they do have a higher entrepreneur rate than natives). We just need them to contribute, like anyone else. And. they. do.


Seems to me I remember liberals (and others who “think” like AS) lamenting that the infusion of Europeans into the new world were OVERWHELMING the native cultures that they supplanted. Yet they find NOTHING wrong with the infusion of third-world, uneducated people trying to overwhelm OUR culture. Double standard, anyone?


Very bad news for privileged white progressives. If they thought Trump was tough to beat in Michigan and Pennsylvania with sub-10% black approval… what happens when it hits 20%?

Time to put parkland on the back burner and go find Michael Brown V6.0?


Who were more developed than the Natives, in almost every instance.

I said this Dave, I said this several times, Pay attention now.

More developed.

Why are the Chinese the richest people in Malaysia? Because their culture is productive and more developed than the natives.

Why did the Volga Germans dominate in Russia for nearly 200 years? Because most Russians at the time couldn’t even read.

There has never been an instance, where a less developed culture, supplanted a more developed one, simply through immigration. It has never happened.

It is always a more developed one that does this. Because the more developed ones, do more things, that even the less developed ones value. So even when they’re small in number, the more developed ones have greater soft power.

Want to be a doctor? An accountant? An Engineer? Just middle class in general? Then you don’t have a choice, you’ll be following the leader. Learning how we make our wheel, because it’d frankly be dumb to figure out how to completely make your own.

Yours and CWolf’s point would only be true, if what we were being flooded with, was highly educated Asians.
…though strangely enough, close to half of illegals are Asians.


That MIGHT be true of the society and culture being overwhelmed were not as cultural-relativity-minded as ours has become, wherein fully HALF the population does NOT believe in American exceptionalism…particularly the youth. Few Americans seem to be worried about these immigrants–legal AND illegal–inhabiting their own little enclaves, flying Mexican or El Salvadoran flags on their porches and in their windows and in those enclaves, you rarely see signs posted in English any longer–and the enclaves are growing in every major city. Kalifornia even issues voter ballots in over 170 different LANGUAGES. If you can’t read and understand English, how can you be an American citizen with the RIGHT to vote? American citizenship REQUIRES fluency in English. Even if you got your “citizenship” as an anchor baby (You really didn’t, but that’s a matter for another thread), by the time you’re old enough to vote, you SHOULD be fluent in English.