INVASION: Army of Illegal Migrants Is Marching Its Way Through Mexico to U.S. Border


Sure, here’s pew on the matter

First off, “Hey bro, just wait for 60 years for them to integrate” is not a strong argument IMO.

So “only” 1/3 of 3rd generation Hispanics primarily identify with their grandparent’s homeland. While a bit over 1/2 primarily identify as Americans. Woohoo?

Maybe those who were born here are at least contributing to the economy in a more substantial way than picking fruit and bringing a plate of food in a Mexican restaurant?

Well, no. No, they are not.

Average Hispanic household size is:
3.4 people

Which means just a little 1/2 of them are still living in poverty even after growing up here. As the cutoff point for poverty at 3.4 persons is about 28k.


Dude… those numbers are on English Dominance.

When it comes to English Comprehension, it looks like this (FROM PEW):

They’re doing this better than the Germans. So… why are you analyzing in a vacuum, and pretending that’s normal?

Most immigration is about manpower; always has been. I don’t get your angle, but it’s not true to real life economics or sociology or history.

My great Grandfather from Italy had no skills, and before coming here lived off an uncle. Getting here, all he did was assemble furniture.

Skills are important, but secondary to the primary purpose of filling labor gaps.

We don’t need them to contribute in extravegent ways (although they do have a higher entrepreneur rate than natives). We just need them to contribute, like anyone else. And. they. do.


Seems to me I remember liberals (and others who “think” like AS) lamenting that the infusion of Europeans into the new world were OVERWHELMING the native cultures that they supplanted. Yet they find NOTHING wrong with the infusion of third-world, uneducated people trying to overwhelm OUR culture. Double standard, anyone?


Very bad news for privileged white progressives. If they thought Trump was tough to beat in Michigan and Pennsylvania with sub-10% black approval… what happens when it hits 20%?

Time to put parkland on the back burner and go find Michael Brown V6.0?


Who were more developed than the Natives, in almost every instance.

I said this Dave, I said this several times, Pay attention now.

More developed.

Why are the Chinese the richest people in Malaysia? Because their culture is productive and more developed than the natives.

Why did the Volga Germans dominate in Russia for nearly 200 years? Because most Russians at the time couldn’t even read.

There has never been an instance, where a less developed culture, supplanted a more developed one, simply through immigration. It has never happened.

It is always a more developed one that does this. Because the more developed ones, do more things, that even the less developed ones value. So even when they’re small in number, the more developed ones have greater soft power.

Want to be a doctor? An accountant? An Engineer? Just middle class in general? Then you don’t have a choice, you’ll be following the leader. Learning how we make our wheel, because it’d frankly be dumb to figure out how to completely make your own.

Yours and CWolf’s point would only be true, if what we were being flooded with, was highly educated Asians.
…though strangely enough, close to half of illegals are Asians.


That MIGHT be true of the society and culture being overwhelmed were not as cultural-relativity-minded as ours has become, wherein fully HALF the population does NOT believe in American exceptionalism…particularly the youth. Few Americans seem to be worried about these immigrants–legal AND illegal–inhabiting their own little enclaves, flying Mexican or El Salvadoran flags on their porches and in their windows and in those enclaves, you rarely see signs posted in English any longer–and the enclaves are growing in every major city. Kalifornia even issues voter ballots in over 170 different LANGUAGES. If you can’t read and understand English, how can you be an American citizen with the RIGHT to vote? American citizenship REQUIRES fluency in English. Even if you got your “citizenship” as an anchor baby (You really didn’t, but that’s a matter for another thread), by the time you’re old enough to vote, you SHOULD be fluent in English.


Pretty sure I don’t either. Tocqueville didn’t mean what people reinvented it into being in the 1980s.

He was simply pointing out that we use private, fraternal societies to take care of more social needs, than Government. In contrast to Europe who used Government far more often.

Hilariously, this was because our society was largely immigrants. Immigrants formed fraternal societies to serve their in-group. Catholic Societies served Catholics, German Societies served Germans, Italians served Italians, you get the picture.

Government Programs arose to replace them, as a demand that everyone “Be American”. I’d say that we’re worse off.

German-immigrants named a “town” in North Dakota, after a then-sitting German Chancellor. You can’t top that.

That’d be like Russians today gathering together in Kansas, and renaming the capital “Putin”.

Sounds like Singapore; four different officials languages, dozens more used in official capacity.

And I’ll remind again, in Singapore, the semi-migrant workers, who are largely Muslim (They’re surrounded by Malaysia, a Muslim nation), outnumber the Natives.

Sure, I agree with that. But it shouldn’t be so for migrant workers; that’s not necessary.

If the given job they’re doing doesn’t need them to speak English, Government shouldn’t need to require it.


Yet Kalifornia ENCOURAGES non-English-speakers to vote and even provides the ballots in their “preferred language.” If English fluency is a prerequisite for citizenship, who are those ballots for???


Correct me if I’m wrong, but In North Dakota, you don’t need to be a citizen to vote.

Supposedly it’s only in their own elections, not the Federal level, buuuuut…


I don’t think that’s the case in North Dakota. There have been a few localities in Maryland and Virginia who’ve professed that policy, but they were quickly overturned.


Might want to look at this:

"North Dakota is the only state in the United States which does not require some form of voter registration. "

I think that basically amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it?