Iowa lawmaker calls for retroactive gun ban, confiscation Read more: http://dailycal


n an interview with the Daily Times Herald in Carroll, Iowa, state Rep. Dan Muhlbauer said governments should start confiscating semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.
Muhlbauer, a Democrat from the western Iowa town of Manilla, is a cattleman and farmer. The newspaper reported that he owns a .410 shotgun, a .22 rifle and a .22 pistol.

Read more: [Iowa lawmaker calls for retroactive gun bans, confiscations of semi-automatic weapons | The Daily Caller](<br /><br />F)
First they take certain guns then they find an excuse to take any other. Did any one think it would take this long before one of these loons would start asking for gun confiscation?

BTW they should take this guys shotgun since many can load more than one shell at a time. It would be an assault weapion.

It has a pump action.


They will not take mine. I’m thinking of writing Bobby J today and asking if he’s planning on letting federal troops go door to door, because his state’s law enforcement will not.


Can you imagine having some coming to the door because your bullet or shell capacity is larger than three. Yes I read somewhere that one politician wanted to limit guys to three, that would pretty much mean 90% of firearms. The public would end up with single shot firearms and still have to go through major background checks and if some politicians get their way be taxed yearly for owning a firearm.

Right now the news is Obama may circumvent congress again and go executive order to take guns away except for his cronies.


That’s essentially what they have in England right now.


If Obama takes the route of an EO he will face major backlash and possible impeachment depending on the scope of the EO. We are, unfortunately, a nation run by feeling instead of reason and ideas.


[quote=“Susanna, post:4, topic:37779”]
That’s essentially what they have in England right now.
[/quote]I was talking to a guy today and he thought it was so unfair people could have gun clips where they could shoot thirty bullets. He was telling me a hand gun should not have more than six bullets.


I refuse to c & p anything from someone as ignorant as Mulbauer. But I wouldn’t mind knowing what somebody quite that DUMB is doing with any kind of firearm.
I’m not going to go assuming that his shotgun, rifle, and firearms are semi-automatics, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they were, AND that he didn’t know that.