IPCC Leaked Draft is Smoking Gun!


According to far right bloggers and global warming critics this is the latest nail in the coffin for the Global Warming is caused by mankind theory! Apparently a leaked IPCC draft for next year has leaked online and the liberals are going bonkers!!!

The IPCC issued statement calling the release “unauthorized and premature,” and warned that it “may lead to confusion because the text will necessarily change in some respects once all the review comments have been addressed.” They did not comment on the contents of the draft report, other than noting that all drafts are “works in progress.”

If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will!

IPCC Leaked Draft Prompts New Internet Flap | Mother Jones


More of the evidence and scientific support for it is being discussed on the WUWT site as well as access to the whole leaked report!
IPCC AR5 draft leaked, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing – as well as a lack of warming to match model projections, and reversal on ‘extreme weather’ | Watts Up With That?

This truly knocks the pins out from under alarmism on several fronts…solar forcing, models vs. data, severe weather and atmospheric moisture. Once again…alarmism is revealed as a political $$ redistribution scheme on a grand scale…and the outright fraud undermines faith in all science.