Iran files lawsuit against US at International Court of Justice in the Hague


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Tehran has lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice in the Hague against a recent court ruling by the US Supreme Court which authorized the transfer of $2 billion of Tehran’s frozen assets to the families of the victims of a 1983 bombing in Beirut.
“The US courts have issued illegal rulings and said that the properties should be provided to the Americans and the families of those people killed in Lebanon and it is not clear what the Americans did in Lebanon (at the time) and how the issue is related to Iran,” Rouhani said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday night.
“We shouldn’t remain silent vis a vis this event and we officially filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice yesterday (Tuesday) and will pursue the case until attaining results,” he added.

obama has already authorized billions to be released to Iran which in turn has used the money to further terrorism, build their military, and work on attaining a nuclear weapon.

The deal made in Washington has been breached many times and is considered a joke by Iran.

Filing a lawsuit for damages to soldier’s relatives who were killed years ago hinders Iran’s plans for expansion.