Iran Fires on US Drone:


Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week as it was hovering in international airspace, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

Read more: Iran fired at unarmed US drone, Pentagon says | Fox News


Iran according to neocons:

Can’t shoot down drone flying at 90mph, somehow can fire nuclear armed ICBM at continental US.


From the article:

According to Little, two Iranian jets fired twice, missing on both attempts


I think the drone’s family and friends should go to Iran and exact revenge. :slight_smile:


We ought to send Rosie ODonnel that will fix them


And this was kept secret until yesterday.


[quote=“njc17, post:6, topic:37001”]
And this was kept secret until yesterday.


as for Rosie O Donnel??? The cow jumped over the moon.


EWWWWW! Blech!! Just the thought of her makes me want to hurl! Yeah, let’s wrap her in bacon!


JJF: Yeah, I read this on another website. I guess it’s only a “coincidence” that this was “revealed” the day after the election. Like the election, this is another example of what we can expect from now on…not just in the next 4 years…but for many, MANY 4 years to come.


…and we notified Iran that what they did was illegal and we would keep flying drones.

Betcha they’re quaking in their boots now!! [/sarc]


Nah…they will start quaking when BO points his little black finger at them and with a firm, commanding voice says, “Let’s talk!”


First of all, I’m not worried about them hitting the U.S. (at least not yet); I’m worried about them hitting Israel. Second, nailing a small moving target with either guns mounted on a moving platform or missiles with a warhead that weighs less than a hundred pounds (and usually much less; as little as about ten) literally on the fly is a radically different prospect from hitting a LARGE STATIONARY TARGET (read: city) with a LARGE (read: easy to equip with comprehensive guidance) MISSILE with a NUCLEAR WARHEAD launched from a STATIONARY PLATFORM with no time constraint.


FC: Honestly, some people just refuse to recognize reality.


“fired on unarmed drone,”

Makes it sound like a person. I’m sure the drone is unfazed with being shot at. That’s why we use them.


I’m not. Israel has over 300 nukes of their own, the most advanced anti-missile systems, one of the most advanced intelligence service ever known to man, an armed and trained population, the most advanced and deadly airforce in the region, and a huge stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

Israel can defend herself.


Missile defense- even now- is unreliable. As to the rest, they’re useless against long-range ballistic missiles, and the Islamic zealots in Iran’s government don’t really care if Israel’s counterstrike turns them into a glass parking lot anyway; they only want to fulfill their warped prophesies.


[quote=“Jebby, post:2, topic:37001”]
Iran according to neocons:

Can’t shoot down drone flying at 90mph, somehow can fire nuclear armed ICBM at continental US.
[/quote]Yes the neocon Ron Paul does say that


Unlike the USA, whose military has been so depleted and will continue to be depleted with another 4 years of BO. You seem to hold the same position as BO, by the way… There’s a quote of Jesus somewhere in the N.T. where He says something like: “…go and be well…” sort of a biblical “have a nice day” quote. I believe His message was that we are called to be more than just “have a nice day” people. Israel may be able to defend herself, (which I don’t believe), what about us? Can we really defend ourselves? And what will we do if Israel snubs us at some point when we’re being attacked–again? BO has put us in a very precarious position globally–but especially with Israel. It is going to prove to be a huge mistake–much to our own destruction.


If that were true why hasn’t Iran attacked Israel…ever.

Anyway, Israel can defend herself. American taxpayer dollars and troops should not be used to defend her.