Iran Imprisons and Abuses an American Pastor


Iran Jails & Abuses American Pastor | Iran, American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ


Don’t expect the Obama Administration to help this US citizen.


I do have a small problem here. This person IS an Irani who became an American citizen, he WAS a Muslim who became a Christian. I laud him for his evangelistic fervor to Witness to the Irani people, BUTBUT HE knew FULL WELL his life was forfeit when he kept going back to Iran to bring the Christian message. Should the United States pay the price for any person who places his life WILLINGLY in jeopardy, for reasons not related to American interests.
Now Mr Hammer in Mexico is another problem, still with the tenuous relationships with Mexico and the cartel issues, Mr Hammer should not have taken that gun, legal or not, into Mexico. Not to the crux, Obama is NOT going to do anything at this time for anybody. He has a bigger agenda past the 2016 elections. He has to gather and solidify his base for disturbing changes he is planning.


You never have a problem with the U.S. getting involved in foreign affairs for any other reason. We can install dictatorships, send troops, and give foreign aid. We can meddle in the affairs of other countries continuously and it can be costly in dollars, time, and lives. This meddling is fine with you, yet, when it comes to an American citizen and Christian, all of a sudden it just isn’t right to get involved. Let him rot. He deserved it. He had the audacity to be an Iranian before being an American citizen and had the audacity to be a Muslim before he was a Christian. Maybe we all should have been born Americans and Christians instead of this being by choice.


THAT is not what I said and you know it. You seem to like going around and picking fights to show your purported superiority. What I say IS, THESE PEOPLE KNEW THE RISKS, THEY KNEW THE DANGERS THEY WERE PUTTING THEMSELVES IN and possible others. Now is is right or wrong for them to enter into these activities? that is up to them and what they feel is important to them.
As for Obama, he is going to do NOTHING unless it benefits HIM and his ambitions. Should he intervene? of course he should. But at this point with the FOX news all over this, it will be mere tokenism, nothing more.


Responding to what njc did say in his post, #3 in this thread …

Christian Missionaries from America (and other countries, I’m sure) understand the risks entailed in going to many countries in the world. They understand the US is not going to “send in the Marines” should the risks become reality. OTOH, it is far from unreasonable for them or their loved ones to ask the US State Department to urge, very publicly if necessary, the particular country (in this case Iran, but Egypt, India, Burma, Laos, China and North Korea aren’t exactly safe, either) to send the missionaries home basically unscathed. I doubt the family and friends of this pastor are asking anything more of the US State Department. The chances that the Obama State Department will make even a perfunctory request of that sort in this case is, IMO, low.