Iran satellite launch fails to reach orbit

Today "Zafar" satellite launch failed. Like many scientific projects, Failure happened. FALCON 9, Juno II, ATLAS, PROTON M, ANTARES are just few samples of US launch failures.
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— MJ Azari Jahromi (@azarijahromi) February 9, 2020
  1. Proton M is a Russian rocket. You nimrods.

  2. Antares used 40-year old NK-33 engines from the Soviet moon program.

Our launches are so reliable, that the Space insurance industry was in crisis of failing until 2018, and that trend ending was partly China’s fault.

Russia – not so much. They’ve had 17 failures since 2011. They have 10% premiums on their launches. 7 of those failures were on the Proton alone.

But even they look like rock stars next to Iran. Out of 9 rocket launches, 5 have failed. Including all four orbital launches for their “Simorgh” medium-class boosters.

For this launch, it was either their 3rd-stage (again), or a guidance failure.

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The guy with the match to light the fuse for the 3rd stage fell out and took the match with him when the 2nd stage separated!


I hope they keep failing. If they succeed all they will do is make life worse for the human condition.