Iran Significantly Speeds Up Nuclear Program


I don’t believe the question is if Iran will have a nuke, but when. Israel is trying to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapons, but they are practically alone in their efforts. The UN sanctions are not stopping the Iranian and I never expected that they would. The Iranians are obviously not concerned with anything the US administration says.

The Associated Press: Iran says it will speed up nuclear program


I’ve been thinking, and rather than attacking Israel, I think the real reason all these countries want to have nuclear weapons is security. I mean, when was the last time anyone went to war with a country that has nuclear weapons? Smack dab in the middle of the hell hole that is the Middle East, I’d want nukes, too.

Or they just want to bomb Israel in jihad. You can never tell.


Well, that’s why it’s important that Iran be denied the bomb. It will trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Those countries do not fear Israel, but rather each other. It is nuts to willingly allow the Sunni/Shi’a feud to go nuclear. Because it is a feud based on religion, it is the very opposite of rational. There’s nothing more dangerous than nuclear weapons in the hands of a religious nut, who believes that God/Allah Himself approves of or will reward such destruction.


Dont worry Chucky Hagel will come to the rescue he wants the whole world to be without nukes and he also approves of letting Iran have nukes.


That’s news to me. Do you have a source?


The senate hearing yesterday, he quickly backtracked when called out on it. It could have been a mistake but he also called Iran a legitimate govt yesterday, then also backtracked on that.

Chuck Hagel stumbled Thursday during questioning on Iran, inadvertently saying the Obama administration supports “containment” and calling the country an “elected legitimate government.”

“I support the president’s strong position on containment, as I have said,” the former Republican senator from Nebraska told the Senate Armed Services Committee considering his nomination for Defense secretary.

The statement differed from his prepared opening statement, where he said: "I am fully committed to the president’s goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and — as I’ve said in the past — all options must be on the table to achieve that goal.”

The Obama administration supports preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, rather than containing it.

Chuck Hagel stumbles on Iran questioning - Tim Mak -


Thanks, UNT. I agree that is rather disturbing testimony, although as Sec’y of Defense he won’t set policy. But I hardly trust Obama to adhere to our current policy. “Containment” of an Iranian nuke is a mirage, and won’t do a thing to persuade the Sunni regimes to stay non-nuclear.


There’s a dance going on here. It’s obvious that Obama has no taste to hit Iran with an overt military strike, or to let the Israelis do so. The strategy is to officially forbid Iran from getting nukes, and to sabotage the Iranian efforts from within. There have been mysterious deaths of Iranian scientists, that Stuxnet thing, and there are whispers of sabotage at their underground complex near the Holy City of Qom. (hee hee I love saying that)

The Iranians respond by saying they are stepping up efforts, and their audience is the Sunni regimes. When we say that “containment” is the policy, the ballgame is over.

By the way, for decades now we have failed to contain Israel’s nuclear weapons program. It simply doesn’t have them.


I’m not sure if you are confused, or if you actually meant to type this?


No, that’s not a typo, JStang. Neither we nor anyone else in the Middle East is seeking to contain Israel’s nuclear weapons program. Everyone’s official position is that Israel has no such weapons. No nuclear weapons - nothing to contain.


Yes that is the “official” position but you said they don’t have them which isnt really correct, it is believed by most that they do have nuclear weapons


I’m spinning my head right now…

When did we try to contain Israel’s nuke program? I don’t recall this? Did we pop up one day while I was passed out drunk and tell them they couldn’t have nukes?

I’m confused?




I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me.


No, we’ve never attempted to contain Israel’s nuclear weapons. Our official position is that they have no such weapons.

What fascinates me is that none of Israel’s neighbors fear that it has nuclear weapons. But they sure as heck fear whether Iran does!


President John Kennedy vigorously tried to prevent Israel from obtaining the bomb; President Lyndon Johnson did so to a much lesser extent. But once it was a done deal, Nixon and every president since has not pressed Israel to officially disclose its capabilities or to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. In return, Israel agrees to keep its nuclear weapons unacknowledged and low-profile.

What about Israel’s nuclear weapons? - Washington Post


It would not surprise me that efforts at Natanz would be accelerated given, as Jazz alluded earlier, to a massive explosion at the Fordow facility, first reported here:
North Koreans among 40 dead at Iran nuke plant

The US claims there is no credible evidence for such an explosion occurring while Israeli sources claim it did, but have no details.


You know when all the smoke clears from the burning rubbish, one sees empty ground, [I have no idea what that means but it looked good when i typed it] Does Iran have a ligimate nuclear threat at this time? does it have or nearly have a nuclear bomb at this time?
Like all these Arab nations, they strut like freshly washed peacocks, boasting of their great strength in allah, and defy the world to do anything to them. I have found over the years, intelligence greatly distorts mush of the actual logistics of these nations and at the same time , as much emnity as there is between these nations, they WILL always cover for each other in the name of allah.
Is Iran speeding up their nuclear program? i doubt they can go much faster safely, but the little twerp I’mabadjob is constantly blowing rectal fury in the wind. [ If he begins walking around with his hand scratching his chest, I’ll swear he is channeling Napoleon Bonapart]


Yeah, that Japanese naval threat was greatly distorted also.