Iran Spying Locally - We Were Deceived


See this Wall Street Journal article,Iranian Hackers Infiltrated New York Dam .

Obama and his minions knew, as early as 2013 that Iran had hacked a local, very small dam’s internet controls. The dam’s sluice gate, or gate that controls the exit of water from behind the dam, is controlled remotely via the Internet. If Iran is interested in as small and insignificant a target as this dam (pictured below) the shape of “jihad” against the U.S., especially when fueld by the return of over 140 billion dollars, is unfathomable.

In local coverage in December 26, 2015 Westmore News, WSJ reveals Iranian hackers breached R.B. dam’swe learn:

[QUOTE=Westmore News]
“I kind of wonder how the Wall Street Journal reporter found this out,” said Rye Brook Mayor Paul Rosenberg Monday. “He reached out to me over Thanksgiving weekend and I didn’t respond because I was told I couldn’t. Now that it is out in the open, I can say a little more.” The mayor said he had been under strict orders not to even acknowledge the incident but that he assumed the hackers were trying to gain control of the sluice gate at the Bowman Avenue Dam.

According to a press release issued by the City of Rye this week, the city was approached by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about an investigation into the apparent unauthorized access to the city’s computer system, specifically relating to the Bowman Avenue Dam, in September 2013.

The city cooperated with the investigation and in January 2014, the DHS issued them a report containing its findings, conclusions and recommendations. The Westmore News requested a copy of the report from DHS Monday, but it had not been received as of press time early Wednesday.[/QUOTE]

I live about 3 or 4 miles from this dam. Needless to say I am nearly speechless with rage for two reasons:

Congress may have taken stronger measures to stop the “negotiations” with, i.e. craven surrender to Iran had this activity been public knowledge; and
Iran is prepared to endanger each and every citizen of the U.S.

Our elected officials are not protecting us. This is outrageous.


Thanks for the two “Thank Yous.” Otherwise why waste the effort in posting this stuff. This should be fodder for the fight against Shrillary. Guess not.


After the Snowden leaks, and now seeing elected officials arguing we should backdoor or BAN encryption, I am convinced it was NEVER about protecting US Citizens. It’s only about spying on us at the EXPENSE of our safety.


Obama can only deal with these Terrorists like they are legitimate Nations because the GOP Congress refuses to fight him, they have surrendered the power of the purse and Senate oversight while publicly promising that nothing Obama does would result in impeachment.

So, while I am as outraged as anyone (And I also live under a very large dam, and less than a 1/4 mile away) I also understand that without a legitimate political party to oppose treasonous behavior, this is going to be the reality for American citizens.

We all saw what the result of 8 years worth of incompetent leadership in the White House regarding National Security and not taking Terrorism seriously netted, thousands of dead Americans in the streets of Manhattan and a Pennsylvania field. We are now 6 years into another dismantling of these same priorities, what would be the justification for surprise when information like this becomes known?

I expect horrible things to happen when the wicked and corrupt are in charge because those in charge are the main line of defense against such acts of barbarism, I expect the target of this barbarism to be the citizens in general because that is how Terrorism is supposed to work; terrify the general populace until they demand that their leaders capitulate to the agenda of the Terrorists.

This is just one of many reasons why I am so done with the GOP, they have surrendered the balance of power that our Founders codified into the Constitution that serves as the safety net for just such incompetence and/or nefarious leadership. Once that “balance” is removed voluntarily there is nothing left but tyranny, whether the politicians surrendered their power due to Party loyalty or fear of the opposition Party is not relevant; the balance of power is now null and void.

As long as the GOP remains the preferred choice for those who oppose the far left this will be our future, we will endure these fears and atrocities until we finally decide to support a legitimate alternative.