Iran threatens to shelve nuclear deal at “museum”


A lieutenant commander within Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps is celebrating the 37th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover in Tehran by threatening that if the United States does not keep its end of the nuclear deal, Iran will render the deal void, or “send the deal to (the) Museum,” according to Iranian media sources.
“The Iranian nation is bound to its nuclear commitments, but this commitment is not a one-way street,” Brigadier General Hossein Salami said at a commemoration of the Embassy takeover and subsequent hostage crisis in Tehran.

Iran threatens to shelve nuclear deal at

The fact this nuclear deal is still unknown and Iran has been attacking us through proxies should tell you they had no intention of adhering to any deal no matter the money given to them. They want a nuclear bomb and they have plans to make themselves the leaders of the world.


> Iran threatens to shelve nuclear deal at “museum”

I thought they already did.


And whoever trusted any promise/agreement made by Iran?


Now that Iran has been given US cash, they will sh*t can the deal whenever they like and blame it on something the US has done, claiming we broke the agreement. Blackmail on the highest level. Of course, only an idiot would believe Iran isn’t continuing with their nuke weapons program along with their continued development of the ICBM delivery system.

From the beginning, this “deal” by Obama was made in hell with the devil.