Iranian Dictator is right on...


“How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?“The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.” An empire, or a government, remains in power so long as the people under its power support it, but today the Americans have acted in a way that the world nations do not like them at all, and therefore, their international legitimacy is annihilated.”I agree. Guess he isn’t that crazy. He seems to have a better view than our Usurper in Chief, Congress and the insane polytheistic Kolobite selected to run for the red side of the same Party.


Well that dictator does not have to worry about getting indefinately detained or drone striked by the United States. Therefore he can speak the truth quite unlike how multiple whistle blowers have been indicted by the Obama admin with the Esponage Act of 1917.


Yeah and look …no comments from the usual RO suspects…

Cue Crickets again…


Bad news: We are no longer the superpower we were, we are ONLY still a superpower due to our military, other than that, most banana republics are in better shape than we are…


This is the death Throes of the Republic and I blame statists. The majority of Americans are addicted to government whether it be for defense, welfare, healthcare, pensions, social secuirty, student loans, housing loans etc. The WWII, Korean War, and Baby Boomers have destroyed the country we were born into. They allowed the big government to grow and rob the populous of their freedoms all in exchange for free goodies. Problem is that they believe they can pass on the cost of their extravAgance and Opulence on to unborn generations. Which is criminal.

They don’t care. They have their security but they exchanged it for chains. The problem is that it will be passed on to their posterity. Once that snow ball of empire is rolling though it will not stop until it breaks society as it did to Greece and Rome.

We your posterity thanks you for destorying what your forefathers died for and it was done within three generations. A new record!


nothing really to say besides I agree with him (shocker) that we can not continue to spend like this and remain intact.


The scary thing is, how crazy is that Dictator if HE understands our country’s financial problems better than our sitting (golfing actually) President and Mitt Romney do not even sound like they have a clue??


They understand, VERY WELL in fact:

  1. Obammy knows it as good as anyone, he iced the cake with it and that was his INTENT. There is NO ONE on the face of this globe that can individually or collectively challenge our military. They lack the tech, skills, leadership in combat and the tactics. This begs the question, HOW do you defeat the US? Well you cannot do thru out competing on the capitalist playing fields, our Captains of industry are as good as our military. Then that leaves only one solution to defeating the US. Internally, led by the POTUS and a complicit Congress (Harry Reid, no budget for 4 years) and spend the US into a debt-death spiral. I am 100% convinced that was Obama’s objective when he took office and he had done so successfully.

  2. Romney, knows and he also knows the answer, the truth is not pretty. Were he to address this a challenger to the POTUS there is NO WAY he could win. We can sum this up like this: ‘the truth, you cannot HANDLE the TRUTH’ and the American people cannot, only a sitting president could possibly tell the people the reality of what is going to happen over the next few years. Just look across the water, Greece, Spain, we cannot AVOID it!


The sad thing is this, if Romney gets elected and does what needs to be done to fix our financial problems he’ll be a one term President and Congress will probably vote down his proposals anyway. it boils down to a selfish electorate, don’t touch my goodies!!


I think you are right.

The way I see it, choices:

  1. Take no action and keep on keeping on. The result will be we will start getting squeezed by those buying our debt and % rates will clmb if we can borrow at all. At best this is a delaying tactic for months maybe even years. All the while we buy our own debt by printing more money. This can not last, at some point in time the money becomes worthless. I lived in post WWII Germany and I remember my Daddy showing me a letter with a $1 MILLION ‘dollar’ stamp on it. If we are not careful we will be there by the end of this year

  2. We take action and SLASH spending and or increase taxes to the point we collapse in a depression, NOT recession, but a true 1930’s depression brought about by extreme taxes and crushing debt. But we have one shot left in our gun. Slash spending,m slash taxes and PRAY for consumer spending to turn the economy around. But to slash govt spending when the LARGEST chunk is welfare will lead to riots in the streets leaving LA like riots across the US in every major city…

No matter how you look at it the pic is not pretty and the day of reckoning is near…


I canNOT believe what I am reading here. U.S. citizens allowing a nutjob whose nikname is, “I’m in the mood for a jihad,” and hates this country even more than Obama, to define the U.S.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!


Well, if he’s right, he’s right. Blame Obama, not us.


Agreed Susanna.


A blind squirrel and an insane dictator will eventually find a nut.


This one was standing out in the bright sunlight where no one could miss it.




[quote=“17Oaks, post:16, topic:36678”]
[/quote]I believe it


Ah’m a anutjob only states the obvious because he has a platform. Now can Romney fix things? Only if the american electorate can get republican majorities in CONGRESS in total.And if the majority can quell the assumed filibusters sure to arise. The truest problem here is Obama’s release of one trillion in unbased paper money. This has and will continue to due immeasurable harm to Americas economy for years to come. So all the Iranian crackpot is doing is parroting many American economists who brought this up last year.


Our current debt to GDP ratio is a little lower than it was at the end of the WW2, the ensuing*** growth*** in the economy reduced this ratio dramatically in the years that followed.

Debt is relative, the first car I bought on credit was a $3200.00 loan and it seemed HUGE at the time. It was when compared to what I was earning in 1984, by 1989 I would not even have blinked at a $3200.00 loan because it would have represented such a small percentage of what I was earning.

YabaDabaDooMaJab is an idiot who knows no more about economics than the average Liberal, our immense debt to GDP ratio did not condemn us after WW2 and there is NO reason to think it is an insurmountable problem now.

It may be true that Conservatives will never have a Party willing to give these issues a fair Platform, if they fail to form such a Party then of course we will destroy our currency. But that does not mean such a fate is our destiny, the solutions to avoid this fate are quite simple and can be implemented in such a way as to migrate us gradually enough to avoid a major culture shock.

We will remain a SuperPower for as long as we have the Liberty to choose our course, even if we are still choosing idiocy. For the United States to be replaced as a SuperPower would require a stronger Nation to rise, China is dependent on our markets and is carrying a lot of our debt so their fortunes are tied to ours.

Nobody else is even on the map as far as a potential SuperPower.


Sanity. Thank you!
Besides, even if ‘I’m-a-Nut-Job’ was right, you don’t tell him that! Jeepers, where’s people’s sense of pride gone?

Not only that, but I am really tired of so many people giving up in despair and obliging “Doom & Gloom” as their only fate. Sometimes I can hear the yawn in the, “Ho hum. We’re doomed. May as well just concede to my enemies now, and get it over with.”

Count me out!