IRS Inquisition Update


long with targeting tea-party groups, the IRS may also have given extra-special attention to the tax-exempt status of some Jewish groups for political reasons.
From the Jewish Press:The passionately pro-Israel organization Z STREET filed alawsuit against the IRS, claiming it had been told by an IRS agent that because the organization was “connected to Israel,” its application for tax-exempt status would receive additional scrutiny.

IRS Inquisition Update | National Review Online
Why do Jews vote for Obama again? The antisemitism coming from this administration is openly hostile.


Because Liberals are more loyal to their commie ideology than to their religion or heritage. I know Conservative Jews and they don’t vote for Liberals.


because most Jewish people dont care about being Jewish


They have replaced their religion with Liberalism which is a pseudo-religion because one would have to possess much faith to continually believe their lies.


This thread has been following IRS targeting of politically conservative groups. From the article sam linked:

In addition, the IRS agent told a Z STREET representative that the applications of some of those Israel-related organizations have been assigned to “a special unit in the D.C. office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.” . . .

And at least one purely religious Jewish organization, one not focused on Israel, was the recipient of bizarre and highly inappropriate questions about Israel. Those questions also came from the same non-profit division of the IRS at issue for inappropriately targeting politically conservative groups.

My speculation is that there’s yet another shoe to drop. The IRS has probably also targeted conservative religious groups - those eeeeeeeeee-VILE SoCons - such as the Heritage Foundation and Focus On The Family.