IRS Voter Intimidation

Cantor: House Will Investigate IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups

McConnell Demands Full Investigation of IRS’ ‘Political Thuggery’

To hell with asking for an ID, you want to see a case of voter intimidation? The IRS admitted today to targeting Conservative Groups for Audits and additional hassels? To slow and divert funds to deal with the matter of Groups promoting Conservative Ideals. AND THIS ISN’T MAJOR NEWS. WHY? BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS IN BED WITH THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Imagine for a second if Bush in 2004 had the IRS intimidate Just imagine the INCREDIBLE public outcry. His sorry behind would have been impeached in a heartbeat. BUT, Obama does it, and there’s crickets. I am glad that both chambers of Congress want an investigation. What drives me mad is that nothing will get done without public support and the public doesn’t know whats going on or is being lied to and they are in trance of some kind. It’s maddening.

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The Clintons used the IRS as an attack dog for years. It’s a favorite tactic of the Democrats.

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Nixon was also known for doing this. It’s wrong no matter who does it. However, I saw no reports of the GWB doing this. It is definitely a common tactic of corrupt politicians that are in power which means that the Democrats are most likely to do this.


[quote=“natstew, post:2, topic:39424”]
The Clintons used the IRS as an attack dog for years. It’s a favorite tactic of the Democrats.
[/quote]True enough

Those were 2 of the 3 articles on this that I had in my queue of stuff to post. Thanks! Other stuff has been occupying me this AM. Anyway …

IRS Blames ‘Low-Level’ Employees for Targeting Conservative Groups
by Tony Lee

10 May 2013

On Friday, the IRS blamed “low-level” employees in its Cincinnati office for targeting tax-exempt organizations that had “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their names during the 2012 election and apologized for their actions.

Upon a review of the IRS bureaucracy, though, the Cincinnati office is not a random backwater outpost for “low-level” IRS rogues. In fact, the Cincinnati office is where determinations on tax-exempt organizations’ eligibility are made and is the only physical office in the complex IRS bureaucracy dedicated to tax-exempt determinations.

According to the Associated Press, Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS unit that oversees tax-exempt groups, said the IRS excessively scrutinized Tea Party groups to see if they were in violation of their tax-exempt status.

“The IRS would like to apologize for that,” Lerner said. “That was wrong… That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. That’s not how we go about selecting cases for further review.”

The IRS then released a statement in which it denied any “political or partisan rationale” for their actions.

Here is the background underlying the OP.

"The IRS then released a statement in which it denied any “political or partisan rationale” for their actions. Sorry, not buying that bridge! Large one-sided investigations aren’t accidents. Nor do I find it credible that this IRS office acted on its own initiative! IOW, I’m not falling for this hypervehiculation fake-out maneuver!

McConnell Demands Full Investigation of IRS’ 'Political Thuggery’
by Ben Shapiro

10 May 2013

On Friday morning, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) demanded a government-wide review of the IRS’ new admission that they targeted conservative groups in 2012 for special scrutiny. Calling the Obama administration’s acknowledgement that such activity occurred “insufficient,” McConnell said that the White House had to “conduct a transparent, government-wide review aimed at assuring the American people that these thuggish practices are not underway at the IRS or elsewhere in the administration against anyone, regardless of their political views …. An apology won’t put this issue to rest.”

To be blunt, demanding that this WH investigate itself is almost terminally stupid!

Cantor: House Will Investigate IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups
by Tony Lee

10 May 2013

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said the House will investigate the IRS after the agency admitted to and apologized on Friday for targeting Tea Party and conservative groups during the 2012 election.

This is more appropriate and potentially more fruitful, But was Speaker Boehner by Rep. Cantor’s side? And if not, why not!

But it’s all in the past, so what does it matter now?! Besides, aren’t those in the WH busy enough already without having to sweat silly, little investigations?

Here’s the kind of questions to which the IRS was demanding answers:

10 crazy things the IRS asked Tea Party groups
posted at 8:01 pm on May 10, 2013
Hot Air blog
by Mary Katharine Ham

  1. We’re gonna need all your direct and indirect communication. “‘Direct and indirect communications’ is profoundly chilling of First Amendment rights, ” said David French, senior counsel for American Center for Law & Justice, which has been representing 27 conservative organizations met with IRS inquisitions. “It’s so vague as to be impossible to comply with.”
  2. What do we need to know about your members? Nothing much. Just ALL THE THINGS!
  3. Your present and past employees and their relationships, please.
  4. No, family members of past and present board members and employees are not exempt, nor are their activities with other groups. Why do you ask?

At each ellipsis in my quote above is an image of the particular question asked by the IRS.

IRS anti-Tea Party scandal gets real — senior IRS officials aware of targeting
Posted by William A. Jacobson

Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 3:42pm

This is getting real.

Yesterday it was just some “low level” employees involved. Now AP is reporting that senior IRS officials were aware of the targeting, via AP, IRS watchdog: Senior IRS officials knew in 2011 tea parties’ tax-exempt status being targeted (h/t @GabrielMalor):

Ooooopsie! The story is changing. First it was “low level” employees at a particular IRS office. Now we know “senior IRS officials” knew what was going on. How long, how many shoes are left to drop, before the WH will be forced to cease hypervehiculating sacrificial lambs and start up the patented Stonewalling Machine?

A Conservative Questionnaire for the IRS
by Rick Moran


Dear Tax Collectors:

Please fill out the questionnaire below completely and return to your local tea party headquarters. Note that the questions may be a little personal and intrusive, but turnabout is fair play. Besides, compared to the grilling that Congress is going to give you, consider yourself fortunate.

  1. Who came up with the bright idea to target conservatives for inappropriate attention in the first place? …

  2. When exactly did IRS management discover that their “low level” employees were making a mockery of democracy? …

  3. The IG report states that on August 4, 2011, there was a meeting of the Rulings and Agreements office “with chief counsel so that everyone would have the latest information on the issue.” Please list attendees at that meeting and supply any written or recorded record of that meeting (please use a worksheet if you need additional space). What “latest information” was given?

  4. Ms. Lerner states that when she found out about the targeting of conservative groups, she ordered a halt to the practice “immediately.” But why was there a meeting five weeks later “so that everyone could have the latest information on the issue”? If the practice had been halted on June 29th, why was a meeting discussing the latest info even necessary?

This article is at once tongue-in-cheek and serious. Underlying Moran’s irony and sarcasm, these are exactly the kind of questions the IRS should answer, completely. I’m sure the Stonewall Machine is being lubricated and gassed up, so forcing its usage around the start of campaigning for 2014 Congressional elections might yield interesting results - force big government pols to choose between defending the indefensible or taking action against their beloved Extortion Machine.

And who knows what else might skitter into the open as rocks are overturned?

Flashback: Media Ridiculed Claims IRS Targeted Conservatives
by Warner Todd Huston

10 May 2013

During the 2012 presidential campaign, many conservatives complained that the IRS was targeting them for harassment, with some even claimed that Obama had an “enemies list.” At the time, the progressive media complex ridiculed these claims, but now the IRS itself has come forward to “apologize” for just the sort of behavior that conservatives accused it of engaging in …

The New York Times led the way last year, not only dismissing claims that the IRS was acting in a partisan manner by saying that the IRS was just doing its job, but the so-called paper of record went further, calling for the taxing agency to step up its efforts to an even higher degree.

In another report, the Times attempted to spin the whole discussion as little more but a Republican effort to create a false political narrative.

The Huffington Post joined that line of attack …

Lefty PBS commentator Bill Moyers also got into the game …

New Republic’s Alec MacGillis was also full of sarcasm, snark, and ridicule …

Mustn’t neglect mention of these contributions to the MSM and NewProgMedia Halls of Partisan Shame!

It really is scary. If I were an upstanding congressman, this would be all the fuel I’d need to after gutting the IRS’s powers.

To me, this whole thread is an illustration of what is wrong with the right wing. The story has just broken, and already, you’ve embraced three separate conspiracies about it:

[LIST=1][]The IRS’s screening was politically motivated.
]Obama is involved.
[*]The media is covering it up.[/LIST]
The facts:

[LIST=1][]There has been no evidence whatsoever that the President was involved in these decisions.
]Every media outlet has been talking about this for days. It’s on the front page of Google News right now.
[*]The IRS has offered an explanation that is much less conspiratorial and there is no reason to doubt it. After Citizens United, which now allows non-profits to fund politics, the IRS received a deluge of groups applying for a non-profit status with names that included “tea party” and “patriot.” This was a situation where an office wasn’t clear on the rules for issuing the tax status. Despite the extra screening, according to NPR, of the two-thousand plus IRS applicants, only eight requests were rejected.

Keep excusing wrong-doing and the doers. I’m sure you have no problem sleeping at night with such little to bother you.

One of Nixon’s charges for impeachment was abuse of power - directly related to his having the IRS pinpoint his opponents.
I happen to agree that it was not only under-handed, but illegal.

I’m getting tired of people assuming I or anyone points out wrong-doing based soley on the letter before or after his name.

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IRS Sent Same Letter to Democrats That Fed Tea Party Row - Bloomberg
And apparently the IRS misconduct wasn’t solely restricted to the Tea Party.

Calm down. It’s been on the radio for like three days.

And yes, they were targeting certain conservatives. Not the Tea Party as a whole, but people who seemed likely to not pay taxes due to their political beliefs. Not excusable, but this isn’t “voter intimidation,” especially since it was discontinued in 2012. It’s certain conservatives not paying taxes. They’re under investigation for good reason.

“To me, this whole post is an illustration of what is wrong with the left wing”. You are purposely ignoring the trees and looking only at your lovely forest Obama has in DC.

Where are the left based groups that were being targeted? Wait a sec, there were none. During the election, many people tried pointing out the bias to congress and Obama him self. They knew.

Talk about bias, the left tried taking down Reagan over Iran-Contra. There’s nothing out of those same people over Fast and Furious. GWB was the anti-Christ over Gitmo. You do know it’s still open don’t you? Cindy Shehan(?) was constantly in the news protesting over the wars, they are still going on regardless of how you spin it but no Cindy any more. The Bush administration was lambasted over suggesting that there was a housing bubble forming. Later, when it burst, it was his fault even though Frank and Shumer plus many others said there were no problems with sub prime loan, Fanny and Freddy. Bush took working vacations at his ranch and is demonized. Obama shuts down Manhattan so he can take Michele out on the town then flits off to Hawaii and where ever else he can think of in between rounds of golf. At least try to be consistent with your griping and defense of the President.

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The problem is Code section 501©(4) itself. The tax exempt status applies to “social welfare” organizations, not political ones. Politicking can be part of a social welfare organization’s activities, but not the primary one. And whether that’s the case is a “facts and circumstances” determination. In other words, the law purposely empowers the IRS to exercise discretion to make factual determinations concerning an organization’s primary motivation. That’s a recipe for favoritism and abuse.

IRS scrutiny is to be welcomed in the case of a 501©(3) organization, where contributions to the organization are tax deductible and therefore directly cost the government revenue. But contributions to a 501©(4) aren’t tax deductible; that is, the contributions are all made with after-tax money. The 501©(4) organiztion basically bundles such after-tax money and uses it for its social welfare purpose. The point of the tax exemption is to keep the organization from being taxed on its bundling activities. Probably the solution is to revise the statute to allow bundling for both social welfare and general political advocacy purposes, and get the IRS out of the game of trying to ascertain motive and intent.

The problem is the IR$ is being used as a tool of political intimidation against critics of themselves and 0bama. It’s very simple and no where near as complicated as you claim.


I look forward to seeing if you still hold your opinion when the investigations are done.
I expect they’ll be whitewashed, or they’ll find the full cooperation, and encouragement of the White House.
One or the other, there will be no in between.

Keep in mind that this is not the garden variety situation of political abuse of the tax auditing power, such as was practiced by both Nixon and Clinton (among others). This isn’t about auditing taxpayers, this is about the threshhold qualification for a tax exemption - by definition a special perk. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO A TAX EXEMPTION. One has to demonstrate the facts necessary to claim the tax exemption, and the IRS is empowered to make the determination.

Put your IRS hat on for a moment, CL. Congress has handed you a law to enforce - a tax break for organizations that are primarily “social welfare” organizations that only secondarily engage in political advocacy. The IRS doesn’t impose that standard, Congress did. How is the IRS supposed to determine whether the “primary purpose” of an organization is social welfare and not political advocacy? Please propose what specific procedures the IRS should follow, and what specific information it should ask for.

It’s not so simple, is it? And that’s because the problem lies with the law itself, for giving the IRS such open-ended discretion and authority to make factual determinations regarding motivation. The solution is to change the law - allow bundling for social welfare OR general political advocacy, and get the IRS out of the business of scrutinizing intent and purpose. If there are potential REVENUE abuses with 501©(4) organizations, deal with those abuses WITHOUT scrutizing intent and purpose. (For example, require that bundled after-tax monies be spent within 12 - 18 months and not accumulated tax-free.)