Is anyone else having trouble getting in here?

Has anyone else had a problem today and yesterday in getting in? It’s been taking forever and I even got a message about data problem of some kind. I can never tell if it’s RO or me…

Not just you. I just got on a few minutes ago, and I’ve already gotten several database error messages; the good news (for me at least) is that I got past them by refreshing the page.

Thanks, FC. I never know what the problem is because sometimes Comast has it’s own set of problems…

I had opened two tabs, and got the errors on both when I first tried to get onto RO; and an error on each tab a minute or so later when changing pages. It’s been behaving since then.

Seems a little faster in the last 15 minutes.

`For the last hour or so, I have been experiencing 30 to 45 seconds of lag time for changing pages, previewing posts, and posting posts etc … no log on problems though …

Never had a problem until now.
No errors but very slow.

I am humming along about normal.

Ditto for me. Slow, database errors etc. It comes in waves.

I’ve been slow, but no data errors. Kaspersky started running as soon as I connected, but it hung up forever at 25%. Finally I told it to stop, and it said the databases were up to date.

[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:2, topic:41507”]
by refreshing the page
[/quote]Yeah, that usually does it. Also, it’s a good idea to clear your cache before you log in.

If you don’t know how to do that, Google it . . . it’s a different method for each browser.

Clearing the cache won’t solve all the problems (and, CT, it’s NOT you), but it helps some.

Definitely a refresh for the database error stuff.

My understanding is that WIJG uses two servers, and one is in New York. The New York one seems to be the problem.

And I think he is having the server guys do some “testing”, so that may account for some of the random issues.

Apparently, when you access the New York server, the slowdown/database problems are more prevalent.

I don’t know if this is the case, but I’m wondering if some threads AND accounts are stored on that New York server. That would account for some having problems and others NOT (like RET.)

I think the other server WIJG uses is in California.

Perhaps Chuck Shumer (New York) or Jerry Brown are screwing with the site (kidding . . . I think.)

And then too, maybe we should be using servers in Red States . . . Texas would be a good place. Except San Antonio of course. Perhaps Ted Cruz’s area?

I dropped the server in CA. All things will route out of NY for now. Let’s see what happens.

Hi John, much faster now but I’m having some problems.
Click on my “Survey” button, I have no survey to fill out.

Also image uploads don’t work for me and I’m told for others too.

Thanks for letting me know. Image uploads are a tricky beast here. Try giving it another shot in the (example : [ATTACH]1960[/ATTACH] )

I’ll look into why your survey hasn’t yet turned on.

Also I can’t change my user title.
I check the box, change the title, and get a message that I changed my profile, but it stays the same.

Thanks John

The user title is a different matter. It is (or used to be) set up so that you need to have 200 posts before you can do a custom title. You’re talking about the thing that started out as “A New Face” and currently says “Junior Operative,” right? That’s what I’m referring to, anyway.

Oh, OK.

I should have mentioned this it was a 500 error.
What I’m reading is that it’s a server issue.

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