Is anyone sitting this election out?


Warning for Trump supporters :
You will most likely feel infuriated and your blood pressure is going to be elevated if you read what I have to say here, but if you choose to read, please do so. (Just giving you a heads up.)

It took me a while, but I’ve made peace with the current political situation. Oh no, I’m not supporting Trump. Never means NEVER. I will keep rejecting Trump as our party leader. This is going to be the first year I will not vote in a long while.

Here’s the reason (yeah, one of …) :

Do you know what will happen if Trump becomes the president? When he starts deporting 11M illegals, as soon as the public sees the undocumented families physically being pulled out from their houses, crying and screaming, by police or ICE officers, there will be a YUGE outcry and Republicans will be forever labeled as heartless bastards and never be able to take back the White House for a long time. (The liberal media will cover each and every incident and they will be enjoying every second of it.)

So after four years of Trump, it will be eight years (or longer) of a Democrat White House and we probably lose both the House and Senate. I’d prefer the other way around. After four years of Hillary, eight years (and longer) of a Republican White House keeping the majority in the House and Senate.

So … I wanna know how many among Cruz supporters are willing to vote for Trump to prevent Clinton from becoming the president? Is anyone sitting this election out like me, because it’s hard to tell which is the lesser evil?

Also, what do you think of what Shapiro says in this article?
5 Arguments For Voting Trump And Why They Fail | Daily Wire


There really is no such thing as “sitting out” this election. One can refuse to vote, but no one - I repeat, no one - can or will escape (sit out) the consequences of this election, whatever they turn out to be.

BTW - no intelligent being truly thinks Trump can/will accomplish I/2 of what he claims. For example - physically and as a practical matter, there is no way to deport 11 to 12 million people. PERIOD. Securing the border - yes.


So you ARE voting for Trump this November. Well, I understand. Even though I will not vote.

I actually prefer Clinton wins this time and hope for the GOP’s next shot in four years, with a much much much more legit candidate rather than see our party (and our country) forever tarnished by officially having this hate-mongering demagogue and ultimate con-artist as our leader.


I have no preference who wins between the Hillary and Trump. I think Trump might be slightly superior to Sanders, but then I hear him speak and think, nope. The two have a lot in common.

Cruz was the only potential long-term mainstream candidate I might have supported. The GOP primary makes my decision super easy. Gary Johnson (or Austin Petersen or John McAfee, if one manages to win the Libertarian primary) gets my vote.

Welcome to RO.


Just in my opinion, but if you don’t vote for Trump, and he is the Republican candidate, then you have just handed Hillary something.


Jo. You voted for Mccain and you Voted for Romney. WHAT The hell is the difference now. Neither of these two could be considered any more republican than Trump. And THEY made less reference to issues that WE were interested in. And they were cowards…AND They didn’t fight like we had wanted them to.

THEY Had no heart and now we see they have no heart cause they have NO SOUL.

So now we’re really down to the wire and you’re gonna sit it out…just like the pouty repubs who appear to be giving Hillary money for her campaign…WHICH by the way is secured even though she has not beaten Bernie but 5 times out of the last 15 primaries If I remember correctly.

We have a 50/50 chance with Trump. We have a 100% chance of getting the same lies and obfuscation and delay that we have gotten for the last eight years out of republicans if any establishment pol replaces him.

We know that Hillary IS going to disarm us. AND she and Bernie will most wholeheartedly finish the job that Obama has started.

So you sit back. and you relax on election day. And when your kids ask you, ‘Momma. What did you do as America was in the death throes and we had a sliver of a chance to turn it back’…you can say…you sat home and watched telly cause you didn’t like Trump.


I find it incredible that anyone who cares anything about the direction the country has taken would be willing to hand Hillary Clinton the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court with liberal/progressive jurists. What the hell would be left to win in 4 years??

Obamacare will be permanently entrenched. The borders will be permanently open and those currently here illegally will have been granted amnesty/citizenship and registered as Democrats. By what means are you going to turn the ship around once that takes place. And I haven’t even touched on the cultural/educational/fiscal decay currently fully underway and the consequences of the continuation of our utterly insane foreign policy.

Trump may not be who many of us wanted, but he’s what we have. You can work to elect Hillary or you can work to roll the dice with Trump.

That’s the choice. There is no other. You can vote, or “sit it out” and watch television on election night. But, there is NO WAY IN HELL you can avoid the consequences of the 2016 election.

You damn right I’ll take a chance with Trump.


I understand you guys. Do what you think is right. For me, this has become more of a moral issue than a political one.

I will not give my vote to someone who would “target” innocent women and children (terrorists families) and hesitate to condemn the KKK (getting their votes is more important than standing up to the hate group), Trump’s amorality/immorality goes against everything that I believe in. I will not be a part of it.


I am not “sitting it out.” Nor am I not voting. Not that it matters; my county is overwhelmingly Leftist with wealthy and “educated” California expats. So my vote is worth as much as my screaming down a rain barrel.

But I will NOT vote for a liar; a slanderer; a person who uses political office, his own or his/her spouse’s, to settle scores. I will not vote for someone who happily engaged, all that person’s life, in graft and/or pay-to-play. I will NOT overlook the slandering of a highly-qualified, upright, honest man.

NOR will I overlook the CULT OF PERSONALITY that one of these two miscreants has built up - and THROUGH it, was ABLE to put out his transparent, lunatic accusations.


NEITHER, Brand X or Brand Y, passes the smell test. Nor am I so horribly fearful of Hillary winning over Donnie. Hillary will be a cataclysmic disaster - but SO WILL HER LONGTIME FRIEND, DONNIE.

There is little to choose between the two. I am not impressed with the letter on the Party Hat.

I will vote Protest. I will vote Third Party. Unless I learn something appalling about the Libertarian candidate, that is who I will vote for.

Knowing he cannot win. But in this situation it makes no difference - if either of the Brand Names win, it’s The End.


I may consider voting for someone else, perhaps Gary Johnson. My political beliefs lean toward Libertarianism. But I just can’t vote blindly, not fully knowing who I’m voting for. I should start studying the candidates in other parties.

Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:


I know a lot of people get confused, but I’m not a woman, my name is Joseph.

My kids are another important reason I won’t vote for Trump.

If I vote for Trump, I’d become a hypocrite in my kids eyes. I’ve been trying to teach them “have respect for others” even when you disagree, and not to insult or bully others. If I support Trump, my kids are gonna lose respect for me, and they’re not gonna listen to me anymore.


I just wanna say, this was one of the greatest comments I’ve read.
Impressive. Inspiring. Thank you.


Trump is Bill Clinton, Hillary is Hillary Clinton; either way we get a Liberal bully with no respect for the Constitution and no moral compass.

By the time the Conventions come around many will cave to the propaganda that Trumps Leftist agenda is somehow less destructive than Clinton’s Leftist agenda, for me it is simple; I don’t vote for Liberals.


Here’s a thought, and I put it out in all seriousness: What if Trump doesn’t…uh, make it to the election?

NO, I do not mean the A-word. I mean stroke, heart attack; or physical collapse. Not even necessarily fatal; but something fatal to his ambitions.

What then? We had three seemingly serious conservatives in this go-round. Walker is out - IIRC, he’s removed himself from further consideration should it come to a brokered convention.

Cruz is the obvious choice - but slander sticks. Remember Shakespeare’s observation of those who steal the good name of another.

Sadly, only time will show Stone’s lies for what they are.

Then there’s Rick Perry…and HE has compromised himself, getting in this kabuki dance with Trumpy. Anyone who CONSIDERS playing with this tarbaby, is prima-facie disqualified. Because he lies; because he deliberately lies to get his own gratification; because he turns on his friends; and because his economic plans, such as they are, are Hooverian in their textbook recipe for depression.

That leaves…only a RINO. Is a RINO better than Madame? Gawd, that’s a tough one…


Agree. Another concern I have is that Trump can be a risk to “Freedom of the Press” and “Free Speech”.

Donald Trump - An extreme risk to freedom of speech & of the press


Well I hate his guts and what he is doing to our party, but I still wouldn’t wish him to get ill. At this point, the best scenario that I can think of is, for him to lose the general (preferably big), so he will be A LOSER, and will be out of the political scene, in four years and forever.


Trump is going to appoint his sister: A liberal, Federal judge. So they’re both bad.

If anything, Clinton would be forced to compromise in the face of a Republican controlled congress, whereas a Trump appointment would get the approval of equally Liberal Democrats, and the Republicans who just want to “get along”.


You alluded to voting third-party in another post. I would recommend that or a write-in as opposed to not voting. By doing so, you’re showing both the Ds and Rs that you care about the election, but that you don’t like what either of them are offering. The more people who do that, the more they have to sit up and take notice.

I disagree. I’m only responsible for my own vote; not for who wins. I’ll vote my conscience; which means neither of the above.

I rely on this oft-repeated gem: “No matter who is President, Jesus is still King.”

I hadn’t noticed that the Rs in the Senate had much of a problem with Obama’s Supreme Court picks.


FC - you are correct - the Rs in the Senate have done nothing. But, you fail to recognize the “Rs” in the Senate are exactly the reason someone like Donald Trump has captured the nomination.

Everyone here seems to have a crystal ball and “knows” that Trump will be a lousy potus.

We KNOW what Hillary will do, what she will push and the type of justices she will appoint - she has a long and consistent track record. The same CAN NOT be said of Trump.

Someone said he will appoint his liberal sister to the Supreme Ct. Really - and you know that how, exactly?

Some of you just go around making crap up. None of us know how good or bad a president Trump would make.


Yeah, that makes good sense. You know what, WHAT IF, people on both sides who can’t stand either Trump or Clinton, vote for Gary Johnson, and Johnson, who’s never really campaigned accidentally becomes the president of the United States!! lol … He was a Rep. till 2011 and was a two term governor, he may actually make a decent Prez.

Yup. That’s it. I’ll choose my conscience. “Set your affection on things above” … I may suffer the consequence of my choice on earth, but even so, it’s only “momentary affliction” as St. Paul says.