Is Benghazi/Petraeus Obama's Watergate?


The latest revelations on the Petraeus affair, that he expected to remain DCI, has for some reason got me thinking about Watergate, which no one foresaw bringing down a presidency and still, in a historical context, remains a “third rate burglary” with outsized consequences.

Is this potentially a similar event for the terminally amateurish Obama administration?


Part of what made Watergate into what it ultimately became was the fact that Republican congressmen and Senators couldn’t defend it in good conscience. It appears we’re already at that point in Benghazi/Petraeus:
Sex, lies and Benghazi -


10:1 …nothing happens but smoke & mirrors…otherwise known as hearings and bi-partisan investigation committees.


What made Watergate was a mole and a reporter WILLING to print the mole’s story.

I don’t see either at this time.


You are Correct Sir. The Media will never stand up


I believe Nixon was targeted from the beginning of his first term. Only, they had to get rid of Spiro Agnew first, because they feared him even more than Nixon.