Is Brett Kavanaugh a bad choice by President Trump?


I wonder why Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh for his Supreme Court nominee who is favored by many of our Washington Swamp Creatures.

I could be wrong but I am not convinced Brett Kavanaugh will be obedient to and enforce legislative intent. Instead, he will give way to existing judicial tyranny when writing his opinions which means existing perversions of our Constitution will prevail over the text and legislative intent of our Constitution.

Time will tell.


“If the Constitution was ratified under the belief, sedulously propagated on all sides, that such protection was afforded, would it not now be a fraud upon the whole people to give a different construction to its powers?”___ Justice Story


From what I’ve seen, it’s hard to predict what a SCOTUS Judge will do once seated. At least those that are nominated from the right. This is what happens when you don’t use idealogical litmus tests, and instead look for someone who “goes by the letter of the law.” To pretend that someone’s personal beliefs won’t play into their decisions is a fantasy.

In short, I expect to be dissappointed.


Bush had a pretty stellar record when it came to Judicial Appointments at all levels, I think his only “miss” was Roberts but that was a big one since it was for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

My point is that Bush likes this pick and he knows Kavanaugh very well. Trump used Bush’s list last time and I have no problem with that.


I am a little unsettled here.

At first, I thought it was a good pick.

Now I’m not so sure.


Well put. Concur.



He’s off on third-party information and the Fourth Amendment, which is incredibly important, but I think he’s pretty good on a lot more.