Is Economic Data Credible Now?


Anyone posting federal economic data from Jan 2009 to Jan 2017 would have faced much criticism from forum participants. The cynicism and skepticism were unwarranted given that careerists compile the data. Employment data from ADP, a private company, was even rejected.

Now that the presidency has changed parties is the data from BLS and BEA now credible?


Nothing from the government or the media is unbiased in any way.


Of course government data is not credible, none of the liars who use selective information to release reports that perpetuate propaganda at the expense of truth get replaced when a new President is elected; the government is corrupt far deeper than any elected office.



I would like to see the Federal Union go completely away…


Apparently, the cynics still dominate here. That is sad but not a surprise.

FRED is the basis of Federal Reserve decisions and the most credible economic data available.


Why is being cynical of the Federal Government sad? I would say it’s not only logical, but highly advisable to question what you are told.