Is everyone welcome?


Hello everyone…

Wow, where to begin. I don’t really like to identify with a party or an ideology as that tends bias peoples perception of you. While I’ve been called “liberal” most of my “conservative” friends and I find more common ground on the issues than we find stark differences.

The reason I’ve signed up for this forum isn’t to cause trouble, it’s because I like having my ideas challenged as I believe the strength of an argument lay not with the evidence for it, as you can find evidence for almost anything, no the strength of a position lay in the lack of quality evidence against it. There are a lot of things I’ve read, just scanning the forums I disagree with and several I do. It will be fun challenging the beliefs of others and if I’m lucky I’ll learn something.

Economics is my favorite subject to discuss, but I would also consider myself well versed in topics that include religion, firearms, philosophy, evolution and climate change, though I rarely get deep into debate on CC.

The other reason I came here is that my brother is a staunch “Reagan Conservative” I find that our perception if the Republican and Democratic parties is so much different. Probably because media is so skewed. I try to diversify and listen to different sources. I listen to POTUS on Sirius which has a mix of “liberal” and “conservative” members talk and is the most non-partisan station I know if. Micheal Smerconish is one of the best hosts I know of when it comes to *trying *to remain politically neutral when discussing a subject.

Ok, as far as I go. Im in my 40’s, father of 2 girls and happily married…

Anyway. Looking forward to a spirited debate…




Hi and welcome! Different viewpoints are welcome. It may or may not find heated debate, depending on the subject or who’s responding, but we try to keep things more or less civil here.


Welcome. I think you’ll find most of us are pretty knowledgeable about politics and world and national events. I welcome your input, but be advised that if you try to post left-wing nonsense, you’ll be called on it. That won’t get you banned, but it WILL get you metaphorically slapped.


I only ban people who voted for Obama.


There goes Maylar… :awkward:


We just need one more to flip their vote for that to happen.



Well if you ban for a vote for Obama, I’d hate to see what you’d do for a vote for Nancy Pelosi. :awkward:


Anyone stupid enough to do that should be figuratively run out of this board on a rail…after being suitably tarred and feathered.


You will find me to your left, so you’ll be attacked from both sides. I am far less polite than most.


Don’t take JBG seriously. EVERYTHING he posts is with tongue firmly attached to his cheek!



A long tour of Napa State Hospital, maybe … we’ll have to discuss that in the Mods forum.


Well, maybe not everything - but a great percentage of it.


Okay I won the powerball—Oops need more coffee.


[quote=“Susanna, post:14, topic:48086”]
Well, maybe not everything - but a great percentage of it.
[/quote]You don’t think I regularly urinate on the U.S. flag in public?