Is football child abuse?

If minors are playing a sport that has demonstrable long-term damaging effects on the brain, are those children being abused by the parents, schools, and communities who allow it, facilitate it, and promote it?

I believe adults should be free to legally sign away the health of their own brain through this sport, but that children are not accountable for making this decision.

Only if liberals play

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I played football against my will, I hated it, but to suggest that my parents abused me is ridiculous…



When will you people stop?

When everyone but the ruling elite is sitting in a padded cell, and nearly all production has ceased?


Well if a parent is running their child ragged, forcing them to play against their will, and making them take as many hits as possible every day to “toughen them up” or something to that effect than you’re in abuse territory. But plain old youth league football? Frankly young kids aren’t hitting hard enough to go through those pads and helmets, plus there are strict rules in place to protect the players it’s not as though parents are sending their children into boxing matches.

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Really? Does this question even warrant a serious response?


Is forcing a child to attend school abuse? Why should my child have to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to school?\

NOTE: Not a serious question but just as stupid and ignorant.


What if your parents had known that even without getting a concussion, there was a significant risk of brain damage? If they had known this, would it have been abusive?

I think the better less loaded question would be, were they doing it in hopes of him suffering a concussion or brain damage.

Your questions are painfully and obviously loaded. You dishonesty about having a serious discussion is showing.


One does not have to intend harm on a child for their action or their negligence to be legally considered abusive.

Is it child abuse for minors to drive cars? There are overwhelming odds that teenagers will be involved in an accident, and odds are if they die in their teens, it will be in a car.

What about skiing? Should minors not be allowed to ski? A girl in my school was killed skiing two years ago. Are her parents guilty of abusive behavior and murder? Should they go to prison?

No, it is not child abuse. It is not negligence. It is life. Life is dangerous. We must not coddle our children for the sake of safety, even if that means allowing them to do slightly dangerous things.


:coffee_spray: …is brain damage the only result from child abuse?

Under normal conditions, driving a car and skiing pose very little imminent threat to one’s long-term health unless something goes wrong. Even under ideal conditions with the best equipment, a sport where people deliberately collide as hard as they can is always dangerous.

No, but it is the main kind of imminent physical harm that we know often occurs when people play football, likely even without getting a concussion.

Piano lessons are child abuse, but football is not.

[QUOTE=Gov101]Even under ideal conditions with the best equipment, a sport where people deliberately collide as hard as they can is always dangerous.[/QUOTE]
Is Sumo also child abuse?

You can argue that football is, but I think it’s a very very weak case. It is non-compulsory, and there are plenty of efforts to prevent injury.

I don’t know for sure, but I think that even asking that question is racist. :wink:

I know that keeping score in kickball is certainly child abuse.

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To this day, I have zero interest in football, or most any other “ball sport.”

Sports to me are hunting and fishing. They are enjoyable. They put food on the table. Weight lifting I guess also, but it is more of a necessity to me so I don’t become a bloated glob of gelatinous fatty tissue. I do enjoy every time I get to increase a weight.

Now, other families, and even if my daughters wanted to play whatever sport, that’s perfectly fine. In most instances, the kids want to play.

I think forcing a child to play a sport is not exactly a good or bad thing. It depends on the kid. Some kids might really benefit from it. Others won’t. Either way, I don’t think it’s abusive.

Now, there are extreme parents out there that take things too far, and demand their kids perform at certain levels in their sports. I find that distasteful. I don’t call it abuse though, just bad parenting.

Sports are supposed to be fun. You are supposed to enjoy the activity.


IF liberals had their way, we would wrap our children in a cocoon from birth to adulthood and then blame the parents for abusing them due to all of the problems that would cause them.

Your question is loaded. That much is simple.

What is your answer to the question? If you want to spark discussion on the subject then I wish to hear your opinion and not a loaded question.

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