Is he or isn't he (I don't think he is)

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In 2014, Nearly Half Of Americans Aren’t Sure If Barack Obama Is A U.S. Citizen »
Nearly half the people who responded to a Rasmussen poll released Monday either firmly believe President Barack Obama isn’t an American citizen, or they haven’t been fully persuaded that he is. More »


And yet, some judge said it didn’t matter because the people elected him. Don’t know if it was the same judge, but someone who tried to bring up a court challenge on Obama’s citizenship status was told that he had no standing to present such a charge. My response to that is “Every single American citizen has such standing.”


Absolutely, but don’t expect the judiciary to favor citizens.

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In 2014, Nearly Half Of Americans Aren’t Sure If Barack Obama Is A U.S. Citizen »
Nearly half the people who responded to a Rasmussen poll released Monday either firmly believe President Barack Obama isn’t an American citizen, or they haven’t been fully persuaded that he is. More »

[/quote] my understanding is that there exists somewhere a registration form for “Barry Soeweto” at an elite elementary school in Indonesia, and on that form his citizenship is listed as Indonesian. Indonesia did not permit dual citizenship at that time, so he had to have given up his American citizenship if he had ever had it. Also, the school was Catholic but was required by the government to give students instruction in their own religions. his religion was listed as muslim.

I don’t think he is either…otherwise, why bother to FAKE his long-form BC from Hawaii–which the administration most assuredly DID do? Do you have ANY idea how easy it is to insert a faked “statistical notice” into a microfiched newspaper archive. Or, do you have any idea how easy it is for someone to pick up a phone, call a newspaper and have a “notice” of live birth inserted? Do you have any idea how easy it is to have a short-form Birth Notice generated in 1961 in Hawaii merely on the say-so of a parent or grandparent? There’s no logical reason why the fake BC he offered as “proof” of his Hawaiian “birth” had a higher registry number than the REAL BC’s of people actually born in the same hospital days or weeks AFTER Obama’s supposed birthdate. There are just 'WAY too many anomalies surrounding his birth records for there not to be SOME sort of hanky-panky going on here. Is it POSSIBLE he was actually born in Honolulu? Of course. Is it likely? Not so much…certainly not when his own grandmother stated that she’d been present at his birth in Mombasa until someone got to her and told her to shut up.


If he has nothing to hide why are all of his personal records…SEALED?

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Every president up until Bush had their records “sealed,” just like everyone else in America. The trend only started when journalists wanted to try and show Bush was dumb by getting ahold of his college records. Before that, no other president had been under scrutiny to release records.

Yes, my having moved this thread here expresses my opinion that this whole topic is fruitless, and very likely tinfoil hat grade. Given that it’s 2014 and considering the realities of Congress and the courts, it’s also :deadhorse: . It would be far better to expend this energy on preventing Obama from further damaging this country!

Address complaints about this forum move, if any, by PM to #WhoIsJohnGalt.

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See if you can find this kind of information on what we presently have in our White House.


Born in July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. He narrowly won the Electoral College vote in 2000, in one of the closest and most controversial elections in American history. Bush led the United States’ response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and initiated the Iraq War. Before his presidency, Bush was a businessman and served as governor of Texas.
Early Life

George Walker Bush was born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the eldest of six children of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush. The Bush family had been involved in business and politics since the 1950s. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a former Wall Street banker and progressive Republican senator from Connecticut, and his father was a businessman, diplomat, and vice president and president of the United States.

In 1948, George H.W. Bush moved the family to Midland, Texas, where he made his fortune in the oil business. Young George spent most of his childhood in Midland, attending school there until the seventh grade. The family moved to Houston in 1961, and George W. Bush was sent to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. There he was an all-around athlete, playing baseball, basketball and football. He was a fair student and had a reputation for being an occasional troublemaker. Despite this, family connections helped him enter Yale University in 1964.

George W. Bush was a popular student at Yale, becoming president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and also playing rugby. For Bush, grades took a back seat to Yale’s social life. Despite his privileged background, he was comfortable with all kinds of people and had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Like his father and grandfather before him, George W. Bush became a member of Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones society, an invitation-only club whose membership contains some of American’s most powerful and elite family members.

Two weeks before graduation, at the end of his draft deferment, George W. Bush enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard. It was 1968 and the Vietnam War was at its height. Though the Guard unit had a long waiting list, Bush was accepted through the unsolicited help of a family friend. Commissioned as a second lieutenant, he earned his fighter pilot certification in June of 1970. Despite irregular attendance and questions about whether he had completely fulfilled his military obligation, Bush was honorably discharged from the Air Force Reserve on November 21, 1974.

Personal Life

After his Guard duty, George W. Bush continued his education, enrolling at Harvard Business School, where he earned a Masters of Business Administration degree in 1975. He then returned to Midland and entered the oil business, working for a family friend, and later started his own oil and gas firm. In 1977, at a backyard barbeque, Bush was introduced by friends to Laura Welch, a school teacher and librarian. After a quick three-month courtship, he proposed, and they were married on November 5, 1977. The couple settled in Midland, Texas, where Bush continued to build his business.

George W. Bush credits his wife for bringing his life in order. Prior to marriage, he had several embarrassing episodes with alcohol. Soon after marrying Laura, he joined the United Methodist Church and became a born-again Christian. In 1981, the couple enjoyed the arrival of twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. In 1986, Bush sold his struggling oil business to Harken Energy Corporation for stock and a seat on its board of directors. It was also at this time that he quit drinking and became deeply involved in his church.

But, I recall BO making the statement that his administration was going to be the most TRANSPARENT ever. I’m sure every American president before him had to submit a CERTIFIED birth certificate. I had to submit a CERTIFIED birth certificate when I applied for an enchanced driver’s license so I could cross the Canadian border from Michigan.

Gee…I didn’t even know it was moved. Quite frankly, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

That doesn’t mean he has to show the public his birth certificate, even though he has. At this point, the birther conspiracy theories are very unlikely to the point of futility.

How can Obama be a US citizen if he’s the anti-Christ?

Children playing T-Ball must submit a Certified Birth Certificate, and it better not be a computer special like was shown to American citizens.

We were shown a piece of computer crap.

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No, he just hasn’t given you the hard copy. He did give hard copies out, including a copy to, who wrote an entire article about how it was legitimate. Now, if you don’t accept that, that’s fine, but you can’t write it off as a piece of photoshop magic when there is a hard copy of the long-form birth certificate that has been examined and handed out to people.

Kinda late in the game for this.

Skip this, laugh at it or do some research…as I am continuing to do.

CIA DNA Test Reveals Barack Obama was ADOPTED
By Dr. Conspiracy on December 28, 2008 in Misc. Conspiracies, Wild & Wacky
OK, I really feel in National Inquirer territory with this one. Thanks to the Ed Schultz Show forums for the info.

•Obama’s mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) and grandmother (Madelyn Dunham) are both still alive, their deaths having been faked. In fact, his mother registered a mortgage in Hawaii just a few weeks ago.
•Obama’s mother worked for the Ford Foundation in connection with its operations in Indonesia. “Indonesia is one of the ‘hot-spots’ for organ trading. Q Are the people currently associated with the building that houses THE FORD FOUNDATION at 320 E. 43rd St. involved in another body organ trafficking ring?”
•With regard to Obama’s mother and her multiple “aliases”: “The multiple addresses under each alias suggest an extreme pattern of money laundering and real estate acquisitions. … (T)he extent of money-laundering, as revealed by means of linking database names and real estate transactions, is staggering. On the basis of the above examples and evidence from other investigations, the numbers of properties involved likely number in the millions and would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, if not $trillions.”•“There are said to be photos of Ann Dunham on Waikiki Beach taken in or about July 1961, when she is supposed to have been in her third trimester, in a bikini, taken by a fellow female student. AD is clearly not pregnant.” (Ah, now they’re getting back at us for the Palin pregnancy speculations.)
•“CIA did a DNA test on the grandparents, using saliva from glasses, which conclusively rules out any relationship between Obama and the Dunhams.”
•“Ann Dunham possibly not a America citizen and went to school in Beirut, Lebanon. Possibly the family was smuggled into the US as spies.”
•“Mr. Obama is currently being fed over $250 million in overseas funds.” The money was laundered by means of stolen credit card numbers.
•“We have no idea who Obama is. But this information here says he is a part of something larger than just POTUS.”
•“There are people that think his mother was a CIA cut-out.” (A cut-out, I just learned, is an intermediary that facilitates the exchange of information between agents.)
•“We don’t know if Obama was ‘inserted’ into the family via some sort of adoption or what. We don’t know if the family is a foreign plant, or CIA-backed.”
•“My opinion based on inclonclusive research leads me to believe that the family was tied somehow to the ‘Witness protection program’.” (I can’t wait to see what clonclusions he clomes to when the research is cloncluded.)
•“Fannie Mae invested at least 10 million into the Islamic banking Cooperative microfinancing network. One of the members of this cooperative (one of the largest) is none-other than Bank Raykak of Indonesia –” the same bank Stanley Ann Dunham was a director of the microfinancing program at this bank.” (Remember this clear link to Fannie Mae when we come to the last item on this list.)
•“Frank Marshall Davis was moved to Hawaii by CPUSA. I assumed the same was true of Stanley Armour and Madelyn Dunham.” (Well, at least one Freeper doesn’t buy the story about the CIA, unless he thinks that the CIA and the Communist Party were working in cahoots.)
•“Don’t forget that when Obama Sr arrived in Hawaii as a foreign exchange student he arrived with a student from Jordan and one from Iran.” (Also don’t forget that, at that time, Iran was ruled by the pro-American Shah, following a U.S.-backed coup in which the CIA helped to oust the democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddeq. Hey, wait a minute, that means there is a CIA connection!)
•The Clintons knew all this stuff but couldn’t use it in the primaries for fear of retaliation by Obama, who knows too much about them: “(H)is family has all the buried skeletons of the clinton-Indonesian-Chicom funding.”
•“I knew they manipulated the markets when obama was down in the polls, which worked and he never looked back after that.”

I don’t put anything past this commie muslim.

I have seen concrete proof from 3 different sources that the Certification and the Certificate were layered fakes, with inconsistencies everywhere.

He couldn’t even pass the security test that Secret Service must because he has a SS card from Connecticutt where he has never lived.

There are MANY other FACTS that can be read here: Obamaunism 101: The Stanley Ann and Madelyn Dunham factor