Is it ethical for news anchors spend close personal time with high profile members of our government?

I don’t care what party or what network, does anyone think it’s a good idea for a news anchor to be paling around members of the government and then turn around and shill for them as part of their “news” coverage?

Remember, I’m not making allegations left or right, Fox or CNN, I want an unbiased answer to this question?

Can an anchor/ network be objective if its employees are close and personal with the people they are reporting on?

Eh, I think it depends on how favorable the coverage is. It seems like an obvious “no” on the surface, but becoming friendly with these people is part of how they break stories or get new details before their competition.

Unethical? No, I don’t think so. Would it hurt objectivity? Probably; for which reason, said anchor should either recuse himself (or be recused) from news stories where there would be a conflict of interest.

In the end, though, there is no way to achieve complete objectivity.

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i’m sure csb didn’t have any particular situation in mind. LOLOL

and certainly not one that involved the incestuous relationship between leftist newsreaders and leftist politicians. LOLOOLOLOLOL

in other words, csb is attempting what he thinks is a subtle and GOTCHA moment for the right with his phony concern.

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Early in the Democrat presidential primary process, one of the reporters who was assigned to cover Kamala Harris went clothes shopping together and did a puff piece on it.

You can tell that she was totally impartial … yea right.

Many years ago ABC News hired George Stephanopoulos to be their chief political analyst right after he left his job as the Press Secretary for the Clinton administration. You all know he’s real objective too.

This isn’t what I mean, spending a day or a weekend with a person you’re writing on isn’t unusual.

I was speaking more to long-term personal relationships.

Sounds like with share the same basic opinion. I think the ethics part comes in when a journalist/ reporter is close friends with a person they are doing a story on and they don’t disclose their friendship.

Nope. I mean, I admit I saw something that made me think of this, but I wasn’t going to bring it up in the context of this thread. No “gotcha moment”, just looking for opinions.

If they’re Democrats then yes