Is it just me?

I am having a hard time getting to the forum either directly or via email responses. Is this just my problem or are others having the same difficulty? It seems like it takes a V-E-R-Y L-O-N-G T-I-M-E to get into the site. Mods?

I was having weird slow loading happening earlier this AM, but not at the moment.

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I’m still having the same problem. Thanks for letting me know, Pete!

Just moments ago …

… the “little circle” went round and round for a long time,
then I got a “republican operative is not responding” message
from my browser. I closed all the tabs and clicked again and
all was back to normal speed.

This “slowness” happens once every 3 or 4 months and only
lasts a few minutes.

Btw, the problem originates out of Crawford, Texas as I’m sure
you know.

… lol …


Yeah, I’ve been having it, too. I had it last night, thought it was due to my being on the bank site, shut down RO until I got my banking business done - but that was real slow, too, so I figured it was my local server. But it’s not going very quickly today, either.

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It’s those solar flares.