Is it me or the site?


I don’t know if this problem that I have with “replying with quote” is my computer or the site. Sometimes I can use the “replying with quote” and sometimes (most times) it just doesn’t work. Just wondered…


I have not had any issues running Firefox.


This time it worked. I don’t know what Firefox is or what it has to do with using the “reply with quote” on this site.


Firefox is a web browser, if you are running a Windows PC and you have never installed a web browser then you are running the built in browser (internet explorer).

Sometimes when a glitch shows up it has something to do with how particular browsers or browser versions interpret the “code” that the site is using, it helps whoever is troubleshooting the problem to know which browser and version you are running so they can determine if they have a glitch on the sites code or if you have a bug on your end.

You can install Firefox for free and then return here and try it out, if Firefox navigates the site correctly and all the functions work right then your Internet Explorer Browser probably has an issue.

Here is a link to Firefox if you want to install it and see if you like it;
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser


Thanks! I will try it now!


I suggest using Google Chrome browser instead of Firefox. In my experience it’s much less demanding on your processor and more stable.


I tried Google Chrome, but for some reason, it messes up my laptop. It did the same to a friend of mine’s laptop, too.


That’s strange. I’ve had a good experience with it. My mom was running Firefox on her old (4 year) laptop and it kept freezing up, started using Chrome and it works perfectly.


Well, I guess I could try it again. My laptop is pretty new–only a year old. So, maybe I wasn’t downloading it correctly…it messed with all kinds of things on my laptop. But, will try again.



Well, I took the advice of RET423 and downloaded Firefox. It seems to have resolved the problem with the “reply with quote”…although I haven’t used it too many times yet. But, after using IE for so long, I am having a bit of a struggle learning how to maneuver around in it. But, I’ll learn…eventually! :whistle:


FC & I changed to Firefox when we found that we couldn’t get a free up-to-date adblocker with IE.


Is there anything one can do about these extremely annoying “pop-ups” that seem to happen no matter where you move your mouse? Gosh, it is more annoying that the other kind of pop-ups that used to happen! It seems no matter where I move my mouse, 10,000 little pop-ups appear and won’t go away unless you click on “close”! Geesh that’s frustrating!


Install this