Is it ok to use cells in testing derived from human fetuses?

Does anyone here support using treatments derived/ tested using cells from human fetuses?

What would you do if you were given a treatment that used human fetus cells as part of the testing?

Its ok, as long as you didn’t know about it?

Researchers have been using fetal stem cells for a couple of decades now and have found not a single “cure” or even effective treatment by doing so. They HAVE found some very efficacious treatments for various conditions using ADULT stem cells, however.

You’re out of your element here @Pappadave Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are pluripotent, meaning they can differentiate into many types of cells under the right conditions. Adult stem cells are what we call induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Put simply, some adult cells can be induced back into a progenitor state giving them pluripotency. The drawback being, the induced form have a tendency to cause tumor growth. Making them tough to use in humans.

One good thing about iPSCs is that because the donor is the receiver, other genetic obstacles like rejection are mitigated compared to the use of ESCs which requires patient specific lineages to be generated.

It’s still a murky field, but it has a lot of potential. That being said, I’m totally for their use and lifting ethical barriers restricting otherwise safe research on them.

Admittedly “out of my element” but I HAVE read about the failure of researchers to find any effective disease treatments using fetal stem cells, however.

If you only had weeks to live and there were an experimental treatment made from the cells of human embryos, would accept it?

No…he’s enough in his element to know that fetal stem cells are not successful and in most cases HORRENDOUS. Post your links and let’s take a look at them.

No… i would not mostly because benefits from fetal cells is not going to happen. And it is repugnant.

I mean, nothing major is going to come from it until restrictions on research are lifted…

But! Despite those things, we’ve seen a lot of animal models regenerating movement after induced paralysis, reverse Parkinson’s symptoms, and beyond the direct medical applications it’s worth understanding how cells go from a progenitor state to a differentiated form.
nature00900.pdf (1.2 MB) ana.20901 (1).pdf (1.3 MB)

I’m fine with it, but it’s also becoming increasingly unimportant. Check into CRISPR if you want to understand why.

While fetal stem cells are more versatile, it’s difficult to get enough of them to matter for almost anything. Maybe very limited applications like repairing a hole in a heart. but major age related illnesses have so many cells involved that it’s impractical to get enough cells to effect what is largely a systemic issue.

No. I don’t condone abortion for ANY reason. I used to make the exception of “to save the life of the mother,” but I’ve changed my mind about THAT too if it means killing an innocent baby and I’m speaking as a man whose own DAUGHTER is currently 18-weeks pregnant with her first child and only our second grandchild period! Our grandson will be 24 next month. We have several FOSTER grandkids and even foster GREAT-grandkids, but from our immediate children, only that one grandson and expecting our second.

How do you know the treatments you take involve fetal tissues or cells?

And are these rules you apply only to yourself, or do you consider it immoral for everyone?

Fetal tissues can ONLY be obtained through abortion, with the notable exception of using umbilical cord blood, of which I approve, so yes, it’s immoral for anyone.

Even Trump?

Yes. What’s your point? There is no evidence that he’s received fetal tissue therapies.

From your own link:

"I understand that many vaccines in the past included a cell line derived from the lung tissue of aborted fetuses, but I have also read that the cell line is either so attenuated or even absent that even the Catholic Church has withdrawn its objections.”

i’m sorry but not from embryonic stem cells you haven’t.

Yes, we have. More than a decade ago even. Those are the uploaded research papers I put in that post

Yes, I posted a very neutral link. I knew you’d quote that, but the fact is, age doesn’t change the fact that the cells in question originated from an abortion.