Is My Email Address Being Shared With Other Websites?

Just a heads up question,
I became a new member of this site most recently and I enjoy the site. Approx a few days AFTER I became a member I started receiving unrequested emails from several other conservative and far right websites that I never even knew existed. I certainly hope that my email address from this site is not being passed around to other websites without my permission from the owners/ adms of this site. Coincidence??..I hardly think so. I am not trying to point fingers at anyone, it just seems very odd that I am now getting all these other emails from other conservative websites. I certainly did not join any of these and do not my inbox cluttered up with unrequested emails.

Anyone else notice this happening to them? If so, please let me know. Thanks

Never received any e-mails from other sites since I joined the forum, though initially I got them from here until I turned of email notification of thread responses.

Not sure, but it’s possible that if you have your e-mail available for use by other members (selectable in the User CP), there may be a sleeper member (we have any number who have never posted, or posted very little) who copied it for spam purposes. Another possibility is some kind of adware/spyware on your computer. Those are the only guesses I’ve got. I don’t get any spam e-mails to join other sites.

Thanks for the replies to my original thread post. I keep tight security on my laptop and my tablet so I do not think that is the issue issue, but yes it could be other members who passed on my email address. The bright side of this is? least these unwanted emails are not coming from the far left. Maybe its my former co-workers at the NSA playing a dumb joke on me–ha

From what I understand, browsers note where you go and what you do, and if addresses are used they publish them. I don’t believe sites like this will publish any address.

When you sign up here, look at your user options, I believe you have the option to display or hide your email information.

I have never been spammed in the 7 years since I joined RO

Me, neither - and I have been here almost since the inception of RO.