Is Politifact wrong? Is it nothing but liberal bias?

So you believe that PolitiFact is run by liberals pumping out misinformation?

So these must be wrong?

Now for some lies…

So PolitiFact is “fake News” and a liberal propaganda outlet that spreads misinformation and is biased towards R’s?

That would make these claims wrong?

Listen until Knight Templar or MGT says it is not fact or lie it lays in a land know NOD a state of unknown. Do spiders and jam taste good on toast that’s a NOD statement it can’t be know until one of the higher up right wingers confirm it.

“Polititifacts” is a carefully managed liberal organization that spins their pronouncements very carefully so that they appear to be objective. They pick their shots and don’t support the liberals all the time. On the issues that matter, they are 100% with the Democrats. They are like AOC with brains.

The monolith has spoken, They are deep state. Long live Hungary, Long Live Viktor, Long Live Gilead Long Live Trump!

Ok, so we’ve moved the goal posts. Instead of being a liberal biased organization that always sides with dems, now there a shrewd psy-ops organization that carefully crafts it’s responses to “appear objective”.

You said:

Tell me, what are the “issues that matter”, so I can go find examples of where you’re wrong and show you’re just saying that to convince yourself.
I mean, immigration seems to be an “issue that matters” to dems, I mean given how much fuss R’s put into complaining about Dems and immigration issues, yet I posted several examples of R’s telling the truth about immigration where it does nothing to help dems.

For example…






Here are four uncomfortable truths that most far left dems might have denied, and yet PolitiFact upholds these truths out of the mouths of Abbot, Hannity, Trump, that most dems would call all sorts of choice names.

Since PolitiFact is 100% with dems on key issues, are you saying that you don’t believe that immigration is a key issue for dems?

You want your cake and eat it too, yet I’ve shown that PolitiFact does side with Trump, Hannity and Abbott, just to name a few, when they tell the truth, even when that truth contradicts what some dems say.

Other issues I posted that go against some far left dem talking points have todo with:

Build back Better
Iranian Nuclear Deal
Voting rights

These fact checks address all those topics in a way that is unfavorable to standard far left ideas.

They point out that Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Psaki, Maddow and Schumer all get their worst “Pants on Fire” rating for some of the things they’ve said.

So what is it, none of the things I’ve listed are “issues that matter” with dems?

You know what I think? You could never ever, ever admit that PolitiFact is reasonably objective because then you’d have to admit all the lies that R’s have been caught telling.

Listen its not about logic they can’t prove your a filthy pedophile forcing Disney to indoctrinate their kids but they feel that and what they feel matters. They need safe spaces, where facts can’t reach them Fox News provides that safe space with the warm comfort of Donald Trump and non stop conservatives lies half truths and occasions truths. They don’t want a president they want a new daddy ok. They don’t want a government they want a police state. They don’t want diversity they want Viktor Orban, They don’t want handouts they want poverty wages. They don’t want abortion they want over population which drives up poverty wages. They don’t want immigrants because they can’t speak Spanish and that music annoys them. Ya know what in time they will get everything they want because they have the capital the violence and the willpower to take it.