Is Rittenhouse guilty?

There is still a lot more to learn about what happened in Kenosha, but from what I’ve seen thus far, Rittenhouse was defending himself and any reasonable person put in his position (Rittenhouse) would probably feel similar in that he felt he was in danger. Everything I’ve seen does nothing to say that Rittenhouse was the aggressor or that he did anything that was inconsistent with that state of mind. The part that think most confirms this is after Rittenhouse shoots the man in the bicep (who was holding a gun) another man stops as Rittenhouse aims his rifle at him. When the man backs off, Rittenhouse lowers his weapon and retreats.

I think the prosecution thus far, and when I say prosecution, I mean literally the documents used to establish probable cause to arrest and charge Rittenhouse, look like they were written by the defense probably to provide a road-map for the defense.

Now, my guess is that the Prosecutors office felt obligated given the civil unrest to charge Rittenhouse, but the chances that any of these charges are going to stick are slim at best.

Even the charge of open carrying a weapon may not apply as there are some exceptions for long guns, but I don’t know the specifics.

Now, I think it’s possible, though unlikely, that we might learn that Rittenhouse was the aggressor and the video’s don’t capture that.

Now having said that, if I were trying to be critical of what happened I’d ask two questions.

  1. Rittenhouse came to Kenosha (as my understanding) to protect private businesses from looting. My understanding is that you cannot use lethal force to protect property that is not your home.

  2. How does an armed man walk out of an area where gunshots are raging and a person is carrying a 30rd rifle walks down the street towards the police and they drive right past him?

Just a few parting words.

This will be politicized and wrongly so. Far left media won’t be fair to Rittenhouse and they will try to connect Rittenhouse based on his social media to Trump as there is a picture of Rittenhouse attending a Trump rally.

My personal thoughts are that Rittenhouse probably wanted to be a cop or other civil servant (fire, medical etc.). He was young and probably had a pretty idealized view of what that was and going to Kenosha and taking part in protecting a dealership from looting was just plain dumb. He is incredibly lucky he’s still alive and that someone else with a gun didn’t kill him.

I don’t expect either side to learn anything from this even as each will retreat to their bias and do everything to frame this in a way that agrees with what they already believe.

For myself I’m staying my position based on what we know today and reserve the right to change my mind as new evidence comes to light.


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A man stood up to evil. Good for him.

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Kyle Rittenhouse defends himself in 360 degree attack on his life.

Kid was defending himself from an angry mob. You can hear the crowd say “get him” as soon as he trips he is attacked with a skateboard to the back of the head and numerous other blows. He was running away trying to avoid conflict. He only fires after being assaulted! JUSTIFIED! Guy that was wounded had a handgun in the images. Put yourself in the kids shoes. What would you have done?

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We have not learned the entire story about what happened before Rittenhouse shot those people. I have noted that the clips that are shown on TV cut away just before the kid hit him the head with the skateboard. If that were shown, it would give the case an entirely new light.

At any rate charging him with Murder 1 is entirely wrong in my opinion. The most it can be is Murder 2 or manslaughter. I think that a good case will be made that it was in self defense.

It’s shame that this young man is going through this. The punks who have looting and burning need to learn that the should be consequences for what they are doing. So far, it seems like there have been few consequences, at least in the northern cities.

Here in Tampa an arsonist was photographed in the act, and his picture was spread far and wide. Despite the liberal leaning of the mayor, she, as a former police chief, was very interested in bringing this punk to justice. He was captured up north and is now facing charges.

The fact that he was not a local shows that many of these thugs are probably paid professionals who are going from one riot scene to another. It would be great if we could go up the chain and find out who is financing them. The people who are funding this should go to jail for a long time.