Is Rittenhouse guilty?

And there never will be consequences for the thugs with bitches like csbrown around to defend them

CSBrown’s America is where thugs are saints and honest American must be silenced, babies are murdered but trees must be saved

I don’t know if that’s true, I would really like to see some hard evidence of this. I would think if that were the case, people captured and changed with crimes could be given the opportunity to avoid sentence if they gave the names of people who were paying them to loot.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll simply say that the lack of hard evidence that this is happening, at least that I’m aware of, leads me to believe that this is a right-wing meme. That said, I could be wrong, I’d really like to see some hard evidence and I don’t think, if it is as widespread as you seem to suggest that we would have seen more at this point. However, I won’t dismiss the idea completely.

Let me throw another purely speculative idea at you. I also think it’s just as possible that there are people in the crowds whose goal it is to trigger riots and make things look worse, especially where protests being peacefully… Since it only takes a single person to spark these incidents and they often retreat quickly after the commotion begins they are much harder to capture and identify. The only evidence I have that corroborates this is the event at Autozone where a mysterious man who is obviously doing EVERYTHING he can to hide his identity casually walks up to what is, at that point a peaceful protest and breaks the windows of the store and walks away.

Now I don’t know if that person was acting alone or was part of a conspiracy, but it’s clear to me that he wasn’t part of the protest or looting.

I agree, but let’s remember, he chose to put himself in that situation, so my sympathies for him are muted, but still there. He is young and stupid and obviously had no idea what he was getting himself into. This indecent will change him forever, but for the better or worse?

Actually, you’re doing that yourself and I’m just going to keep watching you do it. LOL.

Blah blah blah, more misdirect and trying to turn the tables. Havent you been reading the comments about you lately? I have. This whole forum thinks your an asshole. There’s not a damn thing you can do to change that either.

‘Shoot me, n*****’: White BLM protester shot dead by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha was filmed moments before taunting armed men with the N-word

  • Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, was fatally shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Tuesday night
  • Moments before his death, he was filmed confronting several armed individuals
  • ’Shoot me, n***,’ Rosenbaum is heard saying to a group of men in tactical gear
  • Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, killed Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, 26
  • Another man, Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot and wounded that same night
  • Unrest was sparked by Sunday’s police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake
  • Rittenhouse faces five felony charges including first-degree murder
  • His attorney Lin Wood claims the 17-year-old was ‘attacked’ with 'lethal force’
  • Teen shot one of his victims five times including in the head, complaint says


Are you REALLY so stupid that you don’t realize that all three of the three punks Rittenhouse shot were convicted felons and two were from nowhere NEAR Kenosha? One of the dead guys was a known, convicted PEDOPHILE! Instead of charging Rittenhouse, they should be giving him a bounty and a medal. BTW, the latest leftist meme that he should be charged with a federal crime for illegally “bringing a gun across State lines” is pure bullshit. Turns out, the gun belonged to one of his friends who lives in Kenosha and that he did NOT “bring it across State lines.”

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What does this have to do with my post?

What does that have to do with anything?

Did you read my post?

Un - fucking - believable

In all of these cases, it’s best to wait until all the evidence has come out, which will usually take two or three weeks.

However, we have to distinguish two different basic ‘guilty’ scenarios:

(1) Suppose it turns out that Rittenhouse had Tweeted, the day before the incident, something like “Tomorrow I’m going down to an AntiFa demo and bait them into attacking me, and then I’m going to kill some of them, all in honor of David Duke and in defense of White Womanhood.” (Okay, I’m exaggerating here.)

Now if he did something like that, then goodbye. It’s like that neo-Nazi in Charlottesville that killed that poor young woman with his car. He MAY have been provoked … I haven’t really studied it that deeply … but the overwhelming circumstances of the case were against him. Maybe Rittenhouse did something like the above, and if so, then off to the Big House with him, to join the ‘Boogaloo’ maniacs.

(2) But maybe he was just impulsive and unwise (which is what I suspect), like poor Jacob Grynszpan, who provided the Nazis with the rationale for Kristallnacht. by assassinating a Nazi diplomat. [See here:]

If that’s the case, then we (not you, CSBrown, I know you’re on the Left, albeit the reasonable wing of it) on the Right must defend him. We have a similar case in New Mexico with Steve Baca. And the police murdered Duncan Lemp in Maryland, a young patriot who was unwise enough to boast of his defiance of a firearms-owning ban on him, which allowed the police to stage a no-knock raid at 4am and shoot him dead. That Army sergeant in Austin may fall into this category as well … I don’t know yet.

So if he was just unwise, at most, then we have to defend him. It will drain money and resources away from other things we ought to be doing, it will increase sympathy for the Left among the broad middle of ‘independents’ whom we must reach, but … we must defend our own.

And if past performance is any guide, we will do a CRAP job of it, if there is any job done at all. The Left is one hundred times better than we are at doing this sort of thing. Fifty years ago I watched – and took part in – the Left defending totally guilty people, murderers, turning the country upside down with their efforts, and getting huge gains out of doing so.

The so-called ‘professor’ Angela Davis, who was waiting in a get-away car for her would-be lover, the murderer George Jackson, to shoot his way out of a courtroom with the gun she had bought for him, is a perfect example of how the Left can take an obviously guilty person, do a first-class publicity job, and actually get them to walk free … the jury will never be insulated from ‘public opinion’ and the Left can make a minority view look like the majority … They can make the ‘worse appear the better cause’ as the old Greeks would have put it.

They haven’t been so successful in other cases – Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal – although these particular cold-blooded murderers are looked upon as ‘political prisoners’ by gullible liberals who live in other countries (and by some who live here). But they will still win, because naive youngsters on college campuses, bombarded by lying propaganda, believe these men are not guilty of anything except their radical ideas.

By the way, the same thing happened with Sacco and Vanzetti. To this day, most people think they were obviously innocent victims of a vicious frameup --you can hear a tearjerking song on YouTube by Joan Baez about their case. But read the book by the anarchist Paul Avrich – an honest anarchist and a good historian – and you will see the other side, and why it was not a simple frameup, whatever the truth of what happened. [Here, for those interested in old-fashioned, serious anarchism, not the self-indulgence of spoiled middle-class brats we have today:]

The real lesson is this: various macho idiots, who want to substitute rifle barrels for a certain inadequate part of their own anatomy, will be calling for ‘action now’ … ‘shoot them dead’ etc. And joining them will be the glavset boys, working out of St Petersburg, going overtime to try to stir up violence among Americans. They are the Enemy Within.

What patriots have to do is to organize into Civilian Defense Forces, which will necessarily include an armed component, but which will take on responsiblity for community defense against all hazards, man-made and otherwise.

These units must have cool-headed leadership, with good legal advice, and NOT let provocateurs bait them into premature individualist actions. Then we could incorporate the Duncan Lemps, Steve Bacas, Kyle Rittenhouses, and all other patriots enraged by what is happening to our country, into a serious quasi-military force. They would learn about the concept of ‘fire discipline’ – don’t fire until you’re ordered to – an elementary light-infantry concept … common sense, in fact.

We’ve got to be cold-blooded here. Put it this way – I am NOT proposing this!!! – but … if at a patriotic pro-American rally, a nice little old Republican grandmother – preferably a Gold Star mother and Sunday School teacher and volunteer at a Habitat-for-Humanity project – had her skull smashed, and died, as the result of an AntiFa brick … then that would be an ENORMOUS victory for our side and a HUGE defeat for the scum of AntiFa.

Because it would help us do what we must do: to win over a large part of ‘middle America’, who now see us as dangerous, or at least dubious, armed crazies. (And this attitude is held by a large part of the conservative movement right now.)

We must be seen as restrained, sober, serious, deliberate defenders of law and order for everyone, both liberal and conservative, white and non-white. It’s our biggest task in the coming period … to break out of the ‘militia ghetto’, to become part of the conservative mainstream first of all, and then part of the American mainstream. (Go to for more information on this – if you’re a patriot.)

If, as I suspect, Rittenhouse was just unwise, then we have to organize a defense for him. Why are we so bad at doing this?

He acted like any real man would. Thugs were destroying his town and he went out among them.

My God what has happened to the American man.

I guess I was born in the wrong time.

ANYONE who chooses to go into a situation like that unarmed is a moron, in my opinion. Heck, when we went downtown to watch fireworks on the 4th or New Years eve, I ALWAYS put my 5-shot S&W in my pocket first!

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I don’t have mine any longer. I’d originally bought it for my daughter, but she preferred a 9mm instead. It was a Lady Smith. I wound up giving it to my foster granddaughter when she moved into her own apartment and before she married. She’s now married with 3 kids (tomorrow is her youngest’s 3rd birthday and we’re going to their house to celebrate.). Her husband (a master electrician) has a 9mm of his own, but they still keep that Lady Smith in a box with a biometric lock in the night stand next to her bed. I have a stainless S&W .38 Special that I carry sometimes, but my preferred carry weapon is a Beretta “Cougar” .45 semi-auto.

True, but I wanted to lay down my thoughts based on what’s known now, but I did add the caveat that when/ if new evidence comes to light I can change my mind. But hat said, here is something we can chew on till we know more.

This 17 year old kid was part of a group of people that were defending property from looters.

  1. How did he become separated from this group?

  2. If he chose to leave that group, where are the frik’in adults in this situation? Was he advised to stay with his group by other members of that group? If not, why not?

  3. Did his mother know where he was going? Did she think it was a good idea to let her son go into an area where looting was a concern with a rifle alone???

These questions don’t have much to do with the question of Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence as I’ve already opined on this, but these are interesting questions none-the-less.


I’ll wait, as you suggested for more information before I go that far, but it does make me sad that there are people on the left, just like Trigger who can’t see past their own bias to be introspective enough to question some of the things that people who claim to represent their interests. I think we’re at a time where disinformation is exploiting known weaknesses in human behavior and frankly, I’m not sure that our system can survive it without things getting much worse before they improve.

That said, I think Rittenhouse is in for more than any 17 year should be expected to have to handle and I for one and sympathetic (based on what I know at this time) for the kid.

Hand that man an Emmy award. Great acting. He seems so concerned.

You don’t give a frig about him and I know it. Whatever your game is it will come out soon enough, demon