Is Rittenhouse guilty?

Trigger, did you stop taking your meds?

American Hero In Kenosha Shoots Antifa/BLM Terrorist In The Head

Antifa/BLM terrorists were destroying and looting local business. He and others were defending those businesses. These are communist anti-American insurrectionists, and the government/police won’t do anything about it. It’s going to take patriots to put a stop to this. And it’s begun.

American Patriot shoots ANTIFA in Kenosha Wisconsin Riot

@ 2 min 39 sec - Blaam!! Rolled up off the ground and tagged the little lefty bitch. Awesome move. He will make a great Navy SEAL someday.

In your OP CS you state that it looks like the probable cause case was drafted by the defense to insure he would be exonerated and his arrest was done only to appease the mob.

Which means the cops and the prosecutor are criminals who knowingly persecute innocent citizens if those citizens are not part of the the “protected” political/terrorist groups.

You also theorize that he could be guilty because he cannot defend anything but his own home, also that he was carrying a firearm in public if there isn’t a long gun exception.

Let me be clear, every American has probable cause to defend themselves ANYWHERE with any weapon they can brandish against ANTIFA and BLM, they are domestic terrorist organizations who murder innocents and destroy property.

Any American has the Right to bear arms in public.

EVERY American has a responsibility to protect their community if the police refuse to do so.

He is an example of what a decent American does when their community is threatened and their judicial system is corrupt and their police are cowardly political activists.

God alone would be the only force in the universe who could save the people who try to punish this young man for risking his own life to do what the citizens paid the police to do when they REFUSED to do it.


RET: I don’t think these incidents are an indication of police “refusing” to do their jobs so much as their being FORBIDDEN to do their jobs on pain of being fired or criminally charged. BLM/Antifa tried this BS here in Oklahoma City, but were thwarted by our PD. They did succeed in burning down a shelter for abused women located far from the locus of the “protests,” however. So far, nobody has figured out why.

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It is so hard to tell.
In many cases, maybe most, you are right. However, I was also very saddened at how many police so quickly obeyed fascist unconstitutional orders during the height of the covid scare. I personally witnessed them acting like Gestapo on the steps of the California Capitol.

I am really torn in half when it comes to my opinion about the police. I want to support them but I cannot forget what I saw, plus in the end they are just another government department and part of a government union. Thirdly, many of them are corrupt, not in the way BLM says they are, but historically tons of cops are on the “take”.

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Every American is now afraid to speak about any of the outrages committed by the criminal Black underclass. The Black thugs have attached themselves to the civil rights movement and are now emboldened to commit crimes whenever they like.

A drunken Black man is arrested for passing out in his car in the parking lot of a restaurant. He resists arrest, grabs a policeman’s taser, fires it at the policeman and gets killed by the policeman’s return fire. HE IS A “VICTIM” WHO IS THE CATALYST FOR BURNING AND LOOTING.

A Black man, with a long criminal record as an outstanding record for a sexual offense, resists arrest and refuses to comply with police orders. He goes to his car and leans in to get a knife. He gets shot because he did that. HE IS A “VICTIM” WHO IS THE CATALYST FOR BURNING AND LOOTING.

In Ferguson, Missouri, there was a 300 pound Black man, who was solid mussel, robs a store, roughs up the owner and walks down the middle of the street in the night. An officer approaches him. He attacks the officer, tries to take the officer’s gun, strikes the officer and breaks a bone in his face. The suspect appears to walk away, but then he turns and charges the officer, all 300 pounds of him. Fearing for his life, the officer shoots him dead. The propagandists call this Black man “a gentle giant.” HE IS A “VICTIM” WHO IS THE CATALYST FOR BURING AND LOOTING.

Does anyone see a pattern here? Only a socialist Democrat would deny it and call me a racist for pointing out this pattern. Honest decent people are concerned about one of the most fundamental rights in common law. The right of safety within their homes and communities. It’s called “quiet enjoyment.” The issue is not civil rights, unless burning and looting is a new civil right that the left has extended to African-Americans. The issue is public safety, honesty and decency.

The far left must be repudiated by the re-election of Donald J. Trump as President this November.


From what I have learned about the case, the issue with Mr. Rittenhouse has two parts. The second part is a pretty clear example of self defense. He was chased down and attacked by a man with a gun and another with a skateboard who hit him in the head.

The video on the first one is obstructed by parked cars and not as clear. That one will be harder to defend.



Yes, you’re right.
In the ideal world, these ardent young men, moved by the desire for justice, would be incorporated into a well-regulated militia (better, Civilian Self Defense Force), where they would be taught some of the rules of war.

The problem is, most people have been taught how to think about conflicts by Hollywood. In the Hollywood version, there is a Hero, or a few Heroes, who, throough their individual skill and courage, defeat the Evil Ones – with some excting explosions and car chases and pretty girls taking off their clothes to keep the attention of their teen age audiences. (And Hollywood is just carrying on the age-old traditon of the bards, with their tales of Gilgamesh and David and Samson and Robin Hood.)

You won’t find any movies devoted to showing how real wars are fought and won – starting with the guys running forklifts stacking up MREs so that the men at the sharp edge don’t go hungry, the women pouring over aerial photographs trying to detect evidence of enemy armor hiding under the trees, etc etc etc.

These brave young men need to be ‘conscripted’ into Civilian Self Defense groups, and trained for war by people who know what it is. This doesn’t just mean learning how to clear a stoppage from your weapon, or how to walk your bullets up into the target.

Right now it means understanding our political tasks – which involve keeping the Left from winning the hearts and minds of Middle America. But all of these tasks involve discipline: being part of an organized, trained, prepared group.

We have to act as collectives, whether this means carrying out a fire-and-maneuvre attack, or policing and defending a demonstration.

Leave Rambo to Hollywood.

There are almost certainly people who travel long distances to take part in demonstrations, including ones that turn into riots. They need not be ‘paid’ to do this, in any real sense, although I would be very hesitant about insisting that no money from rich liberals whatsoever funds the protests, including, perhaps, paying for bus tickets. And so what? We would do the same in similar circumstances.

The problem with talking about ‘paid’ protestors is that it implies that the protestors/rioters are just hired hands, without any committment to the cause they are protesting/rioting about. That we could just hire them as well, if we had the money, like 15th Century mercenaries. I doubt very much that this is true.

As for Right wing infiltrators sparking off rioting, I would bet good money that the Autozone example is a valid one. Probably some sort of neoNazi or white supremacist … and he didn’t have any difficulty in getting the mob to follow his example. However, I would also bet good money that almost all the other violence is a genuine manifestation of AntiFa/BLM feelings.

I won’t advise the Left, but if my side – as I hope it will – gets into organizing more protests and marches, we had better take a lesson from the French trade union movement, and have a well-organized sevice d’ordre, to police and defend the demonstrators, and to quickly spot and take out provocateurs. (The provocateur is an old technique, used by many police forces around the world to get an excuse to break up unwanted demonstrations.) It wouldn’t hurt to have some early warnings from inside enemy organizations … and if we want to be able to do this, we must start now.

As things get bloodier and inhibitions are dissolved as the ‘line of blood’ is crossed, the Left will start trying to provoke trouble by the use of provocateurs. We have already seen many examples of this verbally within the militia movement, people urging ‘action now’ and ‘start the boogaloo now’.

Some of these are no doubt glavset employees working out of St Petersburg, but our side has enough boneheads and adolescent fantasists who will work for free, if we are stupid enough to fall for their provocations. (A lot of people worried that they would do this at the fine 20 Jan demo in Richmond, but it went off peacefully, as you would expect a genuine conservative demonstration to do.)

Here’s the historical example most relevant for us: American Blacks in the South, in the 1950s, had every moral right to rise up violently against the hypocrites who talked about ‘defending the free world’ in Korea, while denying them the vote, and even lynching them, at home.

But they didn’t. They were smart, and built large, disruptive, but non-violent demonstrations, winning the attention and sympathy of middle America, and of the world. So the American rulers were shamed into forcing their Southern white barbarian wing to stop being such overt racists. (At the same time, Martin Luther King kept a firearm handy, and Blacks elsewhere organized themselves into a Black armed militia, the Deacons for Defense and Justice – together this brought big advances for Southern Blacks in terms of formal legal equality.) We can learn from this.

One of our own has just been murdered, evidently in cold blood, in Portland. While we all no doubt will want to extend all sypathy to this man – and to contribute to this GoFundMe program which will be set up for the family he leaves behind – we have to recognize that this is a big victory for us, if the initial narrative I have read is true. I hate to sound cold-blooded about this, but it’s true. We must capitalize on this huge error by, I assume, an emotional and unhinged AntiFa cadre, to win the sympathy of Middle America, and to insist that WE are defensive – only shooting back when attacked.

And at this very moment, and for the next two months, we have to pound away with this message to people who don’t like Mr Trump:

“You may not like Trump, but … a vote for Democrats is a vote to allow murderous, violent anarchy to grow in America. It’s an endorsement of the cold-blooded murder of an innocent American, whose only fault was supporting one of the two major parties, which the left-nazis of AntiFa, enabled by a weak gutless liberal mayor, do not want to permit. Don’t let America become like Portland!”

There are many problems with the police, and the Right should not be shy about acknowledging them, and proposing plans to deal with them. [An example of a possible plan would be: expand the possibilities and role of volunteer auxiliary police, to support the professional police. Deputize patriots, after suitable training, to assist the police.] (While recognizing the truth of the old observation that ‘power corrupts’, and the reality of police work in America today.)

But at the end of the day, we are not anarchists. There must be police. They will never be 100% angels.

And, critically, given what is likely coming in America, we must have the closest possible relations with the police, and, more importantly, with the military. The latter is hard to achieve – although every patriot under 35 who has not done his military service should enlist in the National Guard as soon as possible.

But we should be ‘backing the Blue’ right now, vigorously, publically, in every way we can. We should be trying to establish direct personal relationships with individual policemen – via, for example, fund-raising events for the widows of murdered officers. (And this example can do double duty: if we organize a public pro-police event, we want to be sure to ostentatiously invite every Democratic politician we can reach to attend.)

Note that many big-city police officers are non-white, and this gives us an opportunity to give the lie to the Leftist slander that we are white supremacists.

Here is the relevant website:

Note that an important pro-police event is coming up very soon, on 19 September. Read about it at that website. We should go all-out for this.

From the clips I have seen, it appears Rittenhouse has a good case for self defense, the problem is that he has no standing in it, since he came from another state without invitation to protect property.

He broke two specific laws in the process, He open carries a rifle as a minor, second he had no legal standing to be a protector in another state, when he is a minor and not deputized by any law enforcement.

The murder charges are absurd, but reducing to manslaughter charge might work if his illegal open carry of a fire arm is part of the prosecution argument.

The child made a stupid decision to inject himself into a riot situation, it was almost inevitable he was going to get caught up in the crap with leftists who are violent and stupid. The two people he shot dead were attacking him, the second one was hitting him with a skateboard.

If he had stayed home instead…

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…and if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its butt every time it jumped! Wisconsin has no law which prohibits a minor from openly carrying a long gun, BTW.

Two different things.

He may have came from another state without invitation to protect property, but he is also an American citizen on a public street getting attacked and has every right to defend and protect his person. No invitation necessary.

No the law is age 18 is the minimum age, he is 17, thus he broke the law:



Minimum Age to OC 18

Your opinion isn’t going to be enough, what about the law? you know the ones passed by the people who were elected?

Couldn’t find the relevant statute on the link you provided, but such a restriction makes no sense. It would mean that any 17-year-old member of an ROTC unit would be a criminal every time he/she went to the range or engaged in close-order drill. It would prohibit a father from taking his son or daughter hunting. I can’t believe that Wisconsin legislators would be quite THAT stupid.

“you know the ones passed by the people who were elected?”

So you want to start acting like a little punk bitch again eh? Save your snotty bitchass crap for your boyfriend.

What about the law? You mean the law that allows for self-defense? You mean the law that allows for self-defense, you know, the one passed by the people who were elected? The law that I was talking about? Well, what about it?

Fucking moron.

RET423 nailed it, so save your snotty remarks for him: