Is the world falling apart? Bill Gates asks


It’s common to think that the hardliners among us are causing the world to fall apart. Turn on CNN and you’d think Republicans are destroying the world with war and global warming. They always label us as angry, and that’s true - at least I’m angry about the problems both domestic and abroad and we need to be angry enough to fight for change. Gates makes that argument too and points out how much better life is and how much better things will become because we’re willing to fight.

Lower child mortality - thank you pharma and the free markets that let a lot of angry people fight for better treatments.
Fewer dictatorships that have the ability to strangle contradictory and correct information - thank you DARPA and the internet.
Better and more robust food supplies - thank you American farmers and the markets that move the world’s waistbelts.



Humans are never satisfied though, not generally, I think. Always gotta be fiddling with things cuz everything sucks unless they get free stuff, so we gotta deal with politicians offering every dream we cannot afford and irresponsibly and unwittingly in some cases trying to break what we’ve got.


Nothing is ever free, every good we’ve accomplished came from hard work, strong arguments, and the occasional fight.

Governments hide the cost, but it’s there and higher than we know. The cost of change driven by free people and limited government is best


I DO believe the world is falling apart, and has been since the fall of man. The greatest society in the world (the U.S.; and without which, the world is in a pickle) is morally decaying.


I don’t see evidence that past societies were more moral than what we have today. Certainly not Bronze age ones.

Proclivities have changed; not sinning itself. If scale has increased, that’s only because there’s more people.