Is there any hope of a Tea Party candidate in 2012? Would that be another Ross Perot?


My opinion is that the Tea Party will put up a candidate and this will split the Republican vote, which will mean an obama victory.

I am relatively new to politics – how could I backup or shoot down my own claim?? Are there any polls to reference? Or are questions like this just pure speculation?


This will happen if the Republican party stays in RINO mode.


Ross Perot was nothing but a left wing hater of the GOP who made his money bribing politicians for government contracts.

The quickest way to get me to abandon the Tea Party would be for them to endorse a candidate like Perot. Perot’s agenda was to get Clinton elected, those who supported him knew exactly what they were doing.


If the Republican Party stays in their Power Ranger RINO mode then there will be no choice but for a Third party to emerge. If there is a third party it will only serve to dilute the voter pool and re-elect Obama in 2012. It would take at least 2 election cycles to get a new party up and running. You’d need at least a 2/3 defection from the existing Republican party to join with Independents(assuming a 50/50 split between leaning Right and leaning left now) to make it viable. Any more then 1/3 left in the existing party would make it “Noisy” enough to be a huge distraction. You also have to keep in mind that the Left would be more scared of any Tea Party type party so the news hacks would go after it 24/7. That would also give an edge to what is left of the Repub’s. Just one mans opinion.


I honestly am so scared that an idiot will win the primaries. I really am. I also don’t think that anyone strongly right wing can win – I do not think we are the majority anymore. A bit doom and gloom, yea, but still worries me.


This is still a Center-Right country. Even the Left’s polls say that, it’s the one thing both sides agree on in polling. The problem is that RINO’s have infected our side down to the precinct level. The change in the Republican Party has to start at the local levels.


Ross Perot was foolish not to buy Home Depot…