Is this guy Omar Mateen ? **UPDATE** - IT IS!!


Omar Mateen on IMDB!

Omar Mateen - IMDb


Very professional.

Why did he still have a job?


He is a RAGHEAD!!! Special rights, PROTECTED class of citizens, something you may not understand if you are white!


Yeah, they can’t fire him.

But…as the film clip shows, he is MEETING THE PUBLIC. He’s the first face many people are going to see of that outfit.

I don’t know what courts have ruled; but in the Navy, when we had a no-load we couldn’t get rid of or set up for Captain’s Mast…we’d give him a meaningless task and make him work it. Alone. HARD.

This guy should have been given a job guarding a fire hydrant miles from any point of entry. Expensive? Not as expensive as giving that slug a gun and a gate and letting him carry on like a crazy. Not as expensive as firing him and having a lawsuit.


That is what has happened as a result of Protected class status granted by the Govt. Right off the bat it elevates everything to the Federal level and a Felony. You fire anyone that is in a Protected Class and here comes the EEO, FBI, you name it. You and your company is being investigated…