Is this how I post? I think it is. We'll see soon.


Hello, my fellow Americans! My name is Stephen and I am one of you! I am 48 and live in New York, however I spent my childhood down south. I hold strong viewpoints on topics such as gun control, immigration, bear protection and taxes, and look forward to discussing them with you. I have not been on this site very long, and am actually quite new to these sorts of things, however, a friend of mine has been urging me to sign up, and, as you can see, has been successful in doing so. I hope this experience can be enjoyable for all of us. Especially me. The end.


Welcome! Be sure to read the Survival Guide: Guide to Surviving RO

Also, just underneath your post count in your post headers, be sure to click the link to your Political Views survey and fill that out.

Enjoy the site!


Welcome to RO!

Bear protection, interesting… looking forward to reading your opinions. :grin:


I think your pic needs shrunk a bit lol


Welcome Stephen! This is a great forum! Hope to read some of your opinions!