Is this justice? What if this had been an ordinary Joe Schmoe??


This disgusts me to no end. These barnacles need to be put in prison and the key to the lock thrown away. More BO buddies…

» Lawyers: Jackson Jr., wife intend to plead guilty to charges » News – GOPUSA


They will do a couple months at most. By the time the trials are over it will be pardon time for Obama as he leaves office.


Yeah…whatever happened to the “content of their character”??


It seems that only Martin Luther Kings niece is the only one that remembers.

Meet MLK’s Glenn Beck-loving niece -


The average Joe Schmoe doesnt have 750 Gs to spend on Michael Jackson memoribilia and isnt spendind public money on such crap. Politicans do that kinda crap.


She sounds like one classy lady.


Rich people get better lawyers. It disgusts me, too. I don’t know what possible solution there is, though, except to give everyone the best lawyer for free.


They do…they’re called public defenders…


Key word being “best” lawyer. Public defenders aren’t going to be nearly as good as a million dollar lawyer.


If all lawyers were free, I’d hate to have to pick one out.


[quote=“Trekky0623, post:7, topic:38257”]
Rich people get better lawyers.
[/quote]Not always just the “rich”.

Many “star” defense lawyers, while advertising “pro-bono” (which sounds noble, but most often is just a pretense), in reality collect their fees on the back end, with substantial cuts on story rights, book rights, movies, etc. Never mind the “free” advertising they get by manipulating the media (which is all too willing to be manipulated by these high profile defense lawyers anyway.)

Death rows are full of individuals that were convicted prior to the maturation of DNA analyses, which is now used by a lot to make a successful appeal for innocence. The million dollar defense attorneys taking on those cases are notorious for taking their fees on the back end because “I was incarcerated for 24 years unjustly” makes a good story, book, and movie, even if they’re convicted again on appeal. The high profile defense attorney still collects his fee for the story rights.

For example, I have no doubt that F. Lee got a good piece of the pie on the Boston Strangler story rights, the Sam Sheppard 1993 movie, the James Earl Ray story, the My Lai Massacre story, and plenty of others. Alan Dershowitz has authored books on the OJ Simpson case. (And OJ was arguably “poor” by the time his property was attached by the civil court.)

Johnny Cochran successfully represented Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was sodomized with a plunger while in police custody in NYC. I don’t think Louima could be characterized as “rich” by any stretch.

Mark Geragos represented Scott Peterson, and while Peterson may have been from an upscale family in Northern California, I hardly think he could afford the likes of Geragos. (BTW, Geragos lost that case . . . Peterson was found guilty.)

William Kunstler defended the “Chicago Seven”, which led to some lucrative book deals.

I don’t disagree that rich people generally get good defense lawyers, better than public defenders, but so also do “poor people” sometimes.


What do think we’re talking about here, health care?


How about the California mayor who gambled $1billion away from embezzled charity money and blamed it on a brain tumor and got off with only probation??


Tumors would explain some of the actions of your average politicians. I suggest current members of congress all get a frontal lobotomy just to be safe.


It may not be necessarily the case that the rich get the best lawyers - they just might get the crookedest. Um, I guess that’s the same thing, as lawyers go!


What ever happened to the case of Jesse Jackson Sr. using campaign contributions to pay off his mistress who had his baby?
Nothing, that’s what? Fear of being attacked as racist killed that!
It’s disgusting! I’m sick of the whole damn justice system of this Country!! DOUBLE DAMMIT!!


I share your frustration.