Is this knife for real or ever really used?

Has anyone ever seen this knife before and can it really be used on a bayonet? It is said that it can fit together with a AK47 rifle. Maybe it is a copy of some old military knife that was used back in one of the wars? The website that it is on is lducompany I am wondering if it can fit on any other types of guns or rifles. Does it look like something that would be used by Chinese, Koreans, or Russians. Here is a link to the knives page and it is the knife with the number 406023 right at the top of the page.
Any help would be appreciated before I order it all the way from China :slight_smile:

Well, spambot, it’s hard to say. Since you’re a moronic computer, you probably didn’t notice that the spam link that you tried to post didn’t take. But you’ve posted your query in the right forum. Nobody here would get caught dead without a Kalashnikov bayonet in their kitchen cutlery set…

Spambots are getting smarter, so to speak. TO implemented a signup system where they need to answer a question or something.

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Are you serious?

I wonder if I could get one of these from Pampered Chef? I’ll bet you could gut a moose with it. :whistle:

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I hate those CAPTCHA things. I am happy to hear I am not the only human who can’t always get those right! Thanks. Hurts my eyes sometimes.