ISIS Threatens To Destroy Egypt’s Pyramids In Latest Video Showing Islamists Blowing


In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS allegedly blows up the Temple of Nabu in Nimrud, aka Kalhu, Iraq. It then states that it’s its religious duty to destroy the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx. The video is titled “The Axe of Ibrahim, the Intimate Friend of Allah” and it was released on June 7 on ISIS terrorist channels. It comes from “Wilayat Ninawa,” or “Nineveh,” the ISIS-held territory that includes Mosul, Iraq.

The video begins with footage showing a militant promising to destroy the temple of Nabu in the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud. Further footage also shows the destruction of the reconstructed Adad and Mashki Gates and a large portion of Nineveh’s fortification wall, which was released as a photo report on ISIS channels in mid-May.

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This is not the first time ISIS has said they want to blow up the pyramids but Egypt has a military that will fight them if they try. ISIS also avoids nations that will fight back if they go after their monuments.


How disgusting. Why our government continues to tie the hands of our military and just not let them put these barbarians back in their hole is beyond me.


The obvious answer is because our government is an enemy of the United States of America.