Isn't this a sad fact?


This has nothing to do with our current elections and how America is going to Hell, but isn’t it a sad fact that Obama destroyed the legacy of the first African-American president? Our first black president could’ve been one who understood us, but all we got were lacking economic performance, the introduction of common core, even hijacking personal religious beliefs (read “Jesus will support my tax rises”), what does Obama get to show for the past 8 years?

If only the concept of the first black American president weren’t tarnished in his name.


What legacy? He has been a fundamentally partisan president and given the Democrats an unbeatable voting majority, control of the Federal courts and takeover of the medical industry. Once Hillary is elected, his legacy will be intact. The American people want government services and free stuff. That’s what they have been taught in school; that’s what they believe the role of government is.


**If only the concept of the first black American president weren’t tarnished in his name. **
Don’t worry. In 50 to 100 years Obama will rank right up there with Washington & Jefferson, sorry make that Marx & Lenin. (Assuming that our country survives the attacks that are coming because he made our country look weak).


We’re supposed to “Feel Sad” because?

And I (or We) are supposed to feel ‘bad’ because the evil SOB is a Half Black evil SOB?

How about we should feel ‘angry’ because the Moochers … which a ton of them are ‘Blacks’ put the evil POS in TWICE!

To Hell with the whining/sad/feel bad for the poor blacks cr@p!
They voted for the evil POS solely on the fact that he was Black!
(Actually half black)


</RANT >


> isn’t it a sad fact that Obama destroyed the legacy of the first African-American president?
And yet he is exiting with a rather strong approval rating of +15. About 30 points better than Bush at -15.

Did Bush destroy the legacy of white presidents?


As told to folks like you (

) by the same media campaigning for the lying … so far ahead in the polls that Trump can’t possibly win … future “First Woman” in the White House!

What’s not to believe?


I don’t understand Obama’s approval rating at all. The Middle East is a total mess, Obama Care is imploding and crushing the middle class with sky high premiums, and race relations are as bad as they were in the 1960s with violence and riots. As the first Black president, we would have expected much more on that account, but he has a visceral tendency to always blame the police whenever anything goes wrong.

What is there to like about this guy? He lied through his teeth about Obama Care. His arrogance and condescension for those who disagree with him drips like acid in every one of his speeches that concern the major controversies of the day.

He has by far the worst bi-partisan image any president that I have known in my lifetime. The only one who comes close to him is Jimmy Carter, and like Carter, Obama doesn’t know how to get anything though Congress. That’s the main reason why he has written so many executive orders.

The American public must be stupid and uninformed, or they don’t want to say anything negative about the first Black president.


Ideally his skin color shouldn’t matter.

Since it does, and in all the wrong ways…I’m not going to feel sorry. The reality is there seem to be statistical differences between the races, in various abilities and aptitudes. Asians are better with numbers than most Caucasians. They’re also better in complex social structures - such as crowded cities. Few Caucasians, or blacks, could live in a situation like modern Tokyo or Hong Kong and not feel extremely stressed.

Caucasians seem to be at their best independently or in small groups - with imagination and problem-focused behaviors aimed to solution or easing of stress and strife. Caucasians seem to adapt to civilized rules well - and easily become literate.

Blacks do not seem so oriented. They are, have been and continue to show mean scores far lower than other groups in reading comprehension and math. That’s true in African nations as well as in the United States - so that while poor government schools play a part, it’s not THE CAUSE. Perhaps it is large numbers of black students, who are uninterested in learning and have poor aptitude, that pulls the schools’ performance and efficiency down.

On the other hand, blacks show a higher social aptitude one-on-one, than other racial groups. Which is why they excel in the military and in some police departments. Black individuals who work to conform with rules and absolutes, seem to find that their social skills shine in police work on the street.

So…my take on this is, we’ve seen what a government OF blacks, OVER whites, looks like. I don’t want to see it again in my lifetime, ever. It will take an exceptional black who proves beyond doubt his readiness for the challenge, that I’d promote or support or even tolerate.

It is what it is.