Israel bombs office of Gaza prime minister


Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas headquarters before dawn on Saturday, including the office of Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, as conflict in the region entered its fourth day.

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According to the BBC, witnesses reported extensive damage to the building that Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil had visited on Friday.
Just before dawn Saturday, Gaza City was hit with large explosions, according to the BBC. Since midnight, Israel’s military claims to have targeted 85 sites.
[HR][/HR]A police headquarters building in Gaza was also bombed, Reuters reported.

Israel bombs office of Gaza prime minister - World News

It was just the other day one of those Palestinian terrorists was daring Israel to go after him-- I bet He wishes he had not said it.


good, go get em Israel!!


Obama will put a stop to that, wait and see. he cannot have Israel defend herself. nooooo. mess up his golf dates.


I’m thinking he might be too cowardly to say too much about it.


If Israel didn’t depend on billions in US aid they could tell the Idiot-in-Chief where he should shove his golf club.