Israeli teacher provides protection for her America, we provide condoms


American children are fed a daily diet of violence from early childhood on. A non-stop feed of gratuitous, mindless violence on television, in movies, on the internet, and particularly video games, desensitizes. Add to that the porn culture … We have crossed a terrible line. The four decades of the left’s war on American values has resulted in declining moral values, the exaltation of failure and crime, the dehumanization of women, and a society bereft of virtue and grace.

Clearly this shooter was mentally ill, with a history riddled with red flags. Outlawing guns will not deter criminals who will not hesitate to obtain illegal guns. It will just render the populace more defenseless. If anything, Texas is taking the logical steps, allowing teachers to carry.

Atlas Shrugs

Is this what we have to do to protect our youth? Israel is a nation besieged with those that want to destroy it and our nation is gyrating toward a country with ever present vigilance and the fear of not only attacks from terrorists but those home grown nutcases who want to make a statement by murdering as many people as they can


Me and a few friends we discussing this th other day. Instead of teachers we suggested that a handful of staff members by trained and certified and a gun or two be keep in a lock box at school in the office. Yes that does not guarantee that everyone is protected but it will act as deturmnet and will be easier to pass. Plus it is away from kids.


At the same time wouldn’t it be easier for someone to get to that gun that’s kept on campus, or any of the guns the teachers are carrying, rather than bringing one from home? If someone knows that an extra gun and ammo are kept in a locked box at the school, they might go for that one instead. Just bring a bolt cutter. Or will we have to hire armed guards to guard the locked guns? Having a gun at home might make you safer, but I don’t think having a bunch of guns at the school makes the students any safer. It just presents extra risk the the school environment if a student or crazy person happens to get access to a gun on a teacher’s hip.


The principal can keep the gun with him/her if she wants. That actually sounds like the better idea to me. Regardless I believe that someone needs to be armed at school whether it is a cop or a member of the faculty. Keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens will not deter those who wish harm or death on others.


I defy you to get into the gun safe that I used to own with bolt cutters or anything else short of power tools or an acetylene torch in less time than it would take for police to respond.