It is impossible for Trump to win


How can Trumpy win? In a free America he can, in fact I think he has the votes to win. but the courts have tilted the table to the point that it is impossible:

Not requiring proof of citizenship to vote is beyond wrong, it will take our country down and further open the flood gates for illegals to suck the last life from the carcass called America. NOTE: This is exactly what the far left wants, for them its the ultimate power trip to have people groveling at your feet to kiss your ring of power. This is also how dictators stay in power and why they keep getting reelected.

What I find interesting is that the number 1 concern of the America people in all walks of life is the Economy/Jobs. In spite of Obama’s lies yesterday in his joint press conf with the Italian Prime Minister (which if you listened to it was about 90% of Obama talking about how great our economy is and has been under him and how bad Trump is). Hilda claims to have a 30 year record in Govt service (NOT TURE) but that said lets give her that now ask for ANY success over those 30 years…crickets chirping is all there is. Everything she has touch has been a major disaster with one singular exception and that is the Klinton Foundation, which has received over $1 BILLION in donations.

If you want to see what she thinks of people all you have to do is THINK Benghazi, where 4 Americans were murdered and a soul stepped up to help and those that did or wanted to were denied! She has blood on her hands, she OWNS it if if she is too stupid to accept it…but then look at her husband and THINK WACO. 82 Americas killed…anyone here ever wonder why 100% were killed, not a single wounded person, not a single survivor. They were MURDERED. I have and many many soldiers before me in many wars and rare is there a 100% dead at the end of the battle! Someone gave the order to take no quarter, just like Santa Anna did at the siege of the Alamo. That person would have had to be only Bill Klinton!

2 instances when those in high positions allowed or called for the murder of US Citizens. After a career in govt from a dogface soldier in a rice paddy to the highest levels I can assure you there is no ONE who believes in a coincidence, it just does not happen, someone gives the order…

Hilda will usher in a level of corruption and hate never seen in America.

There is a reason why Obama who I would be money HATES the Klintons wants her to be the next POTUS. We will finally stop talking about him being the worst POTUS in history.

That said her winning brings up a question and one that should be at the forefront. I will assume that Hilda is a one term Pres and if that is the case then what and who does the far left have on their drawing board. I do not beleive we will ever see a conservative win again in my lifetime and most likely yours. No entrenched corrupt govt has ever been defeated at the ballot box and the only way is thru “pitchforks and torches”…

As far as who takes her place, at this point in time I see (subject to change) MeShell Obama!!!


To be frank; even with the level of voter corruption presumed, I believe the “polls” are so slanted that nobody actually sees the real numbers. My thoughts are, is that Trump is quite ahead, and pulling away. The polecat in the woodpile is the vote corruption that is looming.


Trump is looking to get absolutely crushed in a landslide. Sucks, as he’ll probably be my favorite presidential candidate in my lifetime. But at least it was a lot more entertaining/compelling than a Bush or Rubio loss.

As for Democratic talent, Julian Castro, Andrew Cuomo, and Cory Booker are the names I hear come up the most(who aren’t clearly against it, like Warren, Brown, or Feingold). Castro and Cuomo have flatly declared presidential aspirations.


If the Hispanic vote materializes like the Dims are thinking I see Castro as the headliner and MeShell Obama as VP. Castro is as far out in left field as they come, but he is and comes across smoothly, not like Hilda at all who is harsh. Cuomo while he is a Gov and FAR left he is also a whitey and its time for a woman (Hilda), time for a Hispanic (Castro) and Time for a Black woman (Obama. In fact I was surprised when Hilda picked CoKaine, but after her rein put your money on a Mexican and a Black woman…


As of today it is all tied up
White House Watch - Rasmussen Reports™

Trump Leads Clinton By 1 Point Going Into Debate

The closer we get to the election the more honest the pollsters will become, they can fudge the numbers to try and sway opinions early on because nobody can ever verify those numbers; but if they want enough credibility to sell their services next time they have to get honest down the stretch where the election results will be used to judge their merit.


There is no way to know how accurate or inaccurate the polls are. We’ll find out on Nov 8th.

My take is that in spite of her incompetence, lies and criminal level corruption, and the Justice Department’s very public “fix” in her favor, the presidency will be decided very early on the evening of Nov. 8th.

IMHO - Trump does not have a chance in hell of winning this election. I foresee at least a near landslide, if not a full blown one. Yes, there will be some voter fraud, but one can’t blame voter fraud on a defeat the size this shapes up to be.

If Trump had run anything close to a competent campaign, he likely would have won.

The ONLY hope I see for a Clinton defeat rests with polling influenced by the “shy Torrey” factor - people not admitting to pollsters they are for Trump - but if Clinton’s lead in the polls is anywhere near accurate it would simply be too much to overcome. I suppose a bombshell revelation about the Clinton Foundation might sway voters, but our lame and lazy electorate already knows she is corrupt and dishonest.

8 years of Clinton with perhaps a Dem controlled Senate.

In all likelihood, when the dust settles on the 8th of November, Trump and his immature, child-like petulance and lack of campaign discipline will have served to elect Hillary Clinton and will have served to let us down.


no…the only people to let us down are the never trumpers, People who continually bash him when he is the only safe choice for this country. Look at the two man. Can you NOT discern that she will destroy this country and everyone in it?


Actually, it’s the Trumpists, who assured us that Trump could bring over Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Instead, he never appealed there, and he’s losing ground with centrists in Arizona, North Carolina,

… And Utah, which may very well be going to the 3rd party candidate there.

Trump is a mediocre candidate, as expected, as everyone else knew he’d be. Even now, you can’t be honest about that.


No Alaska Slim, that is just wishful thinking on your part. Trump is a lot stronger than you think.


No, that’s according to a poll by Reuters that showed the two of them effectively tied.

RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - Utah: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein vs. McMullin

Emerson poll shows him winning by 4 points.

Essentially, some republicans, and nearly all of Johnson’s supporters, have gone over to McCullin.

I don’t care if the guy wins. Unless Trump took back Florida, North Carolina and Nevada, and pealed some other state off Clinton, she wins. My scenario doesn’t happen.


I hate to start sounding like a Trump cheerleader. I’m not. But if Trump doesn’t win, it’s the end of the nation.

Not for anything he’ll do or can do. Because of what SHE will do. And because her win will be tainted.

We will KNOW the Ballot Box no longer matters. We KNOW what her aims are - the Soviet Union was a haven of freedom compared to the dystopia she has planned. We KNOW she’s sick; and we KNOW that Timmy Kaine the Pain is a foaming-mouth Marxist loon.

The nation will be effectively done. Whether by revolt or just by a massive shrug and stopping of work…done. Slaves don’t labor like free people; and slaves who run businesses that were formerly theirs…tend to especially not do well.

And as China shows, Marxists can’t run businesses well. Even when they try to be capitalists - because they don’t understand markets and they don’t respect their buyers/customers. Contempt and arrogance and dishonesty, lead to the shoddy crap that China dumps all over the world. And to their misallocation of investments; and to their suicides on factory floors.

So. We’re probably done. The question of the hour is, what’s next.

I submit that rather than allow the chaos and tyranny of Washington to enslave the Muppets of Flyover Country, that they work some sort of ordered separation from the circus on the Potomac.


He is the ONLY ONE that is even considering your rights and freedoms. How stupid does one have to be to not be able to see that. SHE HAS SAID she is going to tax us more, she has said she will take those guns, she has said she will shut down the intolerant Christians, she has said many things and you think we can survive with this corrupt cow ruling over us? She will take revenge on anyone who stood or stands in her way. NOTHING will stop this woman. She has no self control and neither do her co conspirators.


He’s not. He wants to stop me from buying things on Alibaba which I use to further my side-business.

“Buy American” he’s saying, or else I’m not being “patriotic”. Which is a fascist touchstone, donch’ya know.
Not saying, though, that Hillary doesn’t do this as well.

> How stupid does one have to be to not be able to see that. SHE HAS SAID she is going to tax us more,

So has Trump. He said he’ll tax wealth, which is… typically illegal.

> she has said she will take those guns, she has said she will shut down the intolerant Christians, she has said many things and you think we can survive with this corrupt cow ruling over us?

I think She, without the personal likability of Obama to buoy her, will be an unpopular President Republicans can run against. She’ll actually take hits for her policies not working. She’ll be someone a policy wonk like Paul Ryan can run rings around.

She, like her husband before her, will be forced to make concessions. Because unlike Obama, she won’t be able to simply claim she’s a moderate; she’ll have to act like one.

> She will take revenge on anyone

Again, she’s a fair-weather liberal. Always testing the water, always consulting a poll before she does anything. It makes her superficial, easy to read… and simple to out-think.


Caroline, you seem hysterical. You take my opinion of how I think the election will turn out as a desire on my part to see Trump lose to Clinton. Ridiculous.

Based on what I see/hear from Trump and various sources, coupled with the many and painfully obvious mistakes by Trump, along with the one-sided media bias present during all modern national elections, and given our gullible electorate, I think it is highly likely Trump will lose - probably big time.

A Trump victory is not impossible - people haven’t yet voted. However, because of the factors I listed above, I don’t look for or count on an electorate that elected Obama twice to keep Hillary away from the White House.

Will Clinton be a disaster? Of course. Just Passin Thru had it about right - it isn’t so much what Trump would have/could have accomplished as president, it’s about what Hillary WILL DO and the direction she will take us.

It is beyond unfortunate that of all the choices we had we nominated a man who was so obviously ill prepared to run an effective national campaign and who has ultimately/predictably run the worst, most mistake laden, consistently/frequently off-message campaign I have ever witnessed.


What we are witnessing is the end of competitive presidential elections. The Democrats will own the White House for the foreseeable future because Hillary will throw open the borders completely and fast track the immigrants to citizenship. They, along with the young, will form an unbeatable voting block that will place the Democrats permanent control.

It has become increasingly difficult for any Republican to win the presidency because of the demographics of the Electoral College. Trump’s ineptitude has accelerated the process.

John Adams was the last Federalist president; Millard Fillmore was the Whig; and George W. Bush will be the last Republican.


She doesn’t control citizenship. Congress does. And the Democrat ground game for re-asserting control of Congress is next to non-existent.

These people might be legalized one day, but it won’t happen in 4 years. Certainly not all 11 million of them. I’d bet money on that.

Speaking of which; I’d be totally owed a cool $1 million if someone hadn’t gotten himself banned.


So your premise is that one of the leaders of the never Trump group, is going to be rewarded by the majority of Trump voters for stabbing him/them in the back, and giving them Clinton so he can run against her next time? How exactly do you see that one unfolding?


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Hillary will make them citizens by executive order, and her courts will back her. Obama has given us temp plate for dictatorship. Congress is becoming increasingly powerless and irrelevant. The power is flowing to the executive and the bureaucracy, which makes laws on its own. The only check on that is the courts, and once Hillay appoints the ninth Supreme Court justice and probably one on two more, that check will be gone.


Donald Trump did not steal your money.
Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.
Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.
Donald Trump is not starting a race war.
Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.
Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.
Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.
Donald Trump did not betray Israel.
Donald Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program.
Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to Chin​a.
​Donald Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia. Donald Trump did not shrivel
our military, and betray our veterans.Donald Trump did not cripple our economy.
Donald Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.
Donald Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.
Donald Trump did not double African American unemployment.
Donald Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.
Donald Trump did not set free muslim terrorists in Guantanamo bay.
Donald Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason hundreds of times.