It’s official. Superman is gay

In the latest comic, which scheduled to hit the newsstands next month, Superman has come out of the closet. Fox News showed “the man of steel” French kissing a guy. Who knew?

This is just one more example of the disgustingly woke Disney organization pushing the woke culture. Gay people are a fact of life. I fully accept their right to be treated with respect and dignity, but I am sick of having this rammed down my throat in one entertainment media after another.

I don’t find gay romances entertaining. If it’s part of a drama, fine, but sticking gay love scenes in plays, movies and now comic books gratuitously is becoming trite and ridiculous. They had to add a glimpse of it at the end of the live action version of “Beauty and the Beast.” It was not necessary; they just stuck it in.

If you are a parent who does not want your kids exposed to this at a young age, too bad. “The Mouse” is going to feed it to them weather you like it or not.

If Walt Disney were alive, he’d be throwing up. The parks have become nothing more than high priced clip joints that fleece you every way they can, but that’s for another topic.



Superman will enter through the backdoor more? Faster than a speeding bullet takes on a new connotation? More powerful than a locomotive addresses his unit’s size and “stayin’ power?” Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound is some form of kinky code?



Correction; bisexual, and it’s not Superman.

Or at least, it’s not Clark Kent. It’s his successor and son, Johnathan Kent.

Clark married Lois, his story (and sexuality) isn’t changing here.

And yes, this is pretty much a bandwagon, not something new or shocking.

One of the successor Robins already made the same revelation.

This wasn’t on Disney’s watch; they don’t own DC comics.

They own Marvel Studios.

Ergo, X-Men, Spiderman, Avengers.

Not Batman, Superman, Justice League.

You can instead be cross at Disney for making the new Captain America a gay individual. I guess…

now captain america is gay too? man. Whatever. I see what they’re doing.
Why don’t they do something new if they want to shock us. Make the new spider-man a paraplegic, or give the new iron man downs syndrome that would be interesting. Give batman cerebral paulsy.


Batgirl due to an injury is permanently in a wheel chair.

As the great American building begins its slow collapse, there are creaks and groans, rivets pop here and there, load-bearing members begin to bow outwards … this is another sign.

Better get well prepared, and organiz with others who see what’s coming. Go here:

The Silver Surfer has ED, with a side order of Peyronie’s Disease

To be clear, not Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson. It’s a runaway teenager who came into possession of the shield through someone else stealing it.