It’s Unanimous! Free Heath Care for Illegal Aliens!


Last night the moderators asked the ten Democrat candidates for President if they supported free health care for illegal aliens. Everyone of them raised their hands.

Who knew that health care is a free good? We can give it to the world! Anyone who comes to our shores is entitled to have it at no cost.

If there are any millennials on this board, I think you should realize that this will come at a cost. When you offer an expensive good to everyone at no charge, in the end no one will get it because the supply will be overwhelmed.

If you need a practical example of how socialized medicine works, look at the problems at the Veterans Administration hospitals. Long waits, inferior service, falsified performance records and ultimate system breakdown … That was the result.

Bernie Sanders got this foolishness started in the political debate. He’s like a communist plow horse, with blinders on, who spews nonsense with no consideration of the facts. All the rest of the Democrat lemmings follow him. Pathetic!

“If you like your current health care program, you WON’T get to keep it!” That should be the new Democrats for president slogan.


The level of stupidity demonstrated by the Democrat’s plan to supply full healthcare for illegals is, for the most part, well documented in economic reality/fact.

But, allow me to point out yet another level of insanity promoted by the Democrat candidates the past two nights.

If I were to design a plan that would ensure even more of the world’s sick and ailing would breach our borders in numbers heretofore unimagined, I could not come up with a better plan than offering the world’s sick free access to US medical care.

There are many deadly diseases that have yet to be introduced into the US. Encouraging people to break our immigration laws by guaranteeing free medical services to those who breach our borders would ensure Americans would be exposed to disease heretofore not experienced - deadly epidemics could be expected. Ebola anyone?


I want someone to ask Bernie if he’s willing to give up two of his three homes to some of the thousands of homeless in the country. After all, he can only live in one at a time. I WON’T be holding my breath however.


Ebola, no. It’s not airborne, and requires direct contact with bodily fluids.

And we don’t have a culture that masquerades infection by shaming victims, like they do in Africa.

And we can identify it, before it infects someone else.


Not directly related, but this reminds me of a quote I’ve shared from MiG Pilot before:

“Since everybody can have as much of everything as he wants and everything will be free, we can stay drunk all the time.”
“No, I’m going to stay sober on Mondays because every Monday I will fly to a different resort.”
“I will stay sober on Sundays; half sober, anyway. On Sundays, I will drive my car and my wife will driver her car to the restaurant for free caviar.”
“And we won’t have to work. The tanks will produce themselves.”
“Hey, this New Communist Man, does he ever have to go to the toilet?”


AS, try a little research - read materials from the CDC. There are modalities of transmission that don’t require direct human-to-human contact - certain animals (rats/bats for example) have been shown to carry the virus. Or how about exposure to restaurant kitchen employees handling plate scraps/utensils of infected customers? Read about the epidemiology and widespread infection in, say, Sierra Leone and Angola. The death rate is nearly 40% among those infected. Consider exposure to infected children in a school setting in America or those hypes sharing needles and living on city streets in tent cities in Seattle, New York or San Fran - you think Ebola would have difficulty spreading in those environments? Are you so obtuse as to believe it couldn’t quickly spread beyond our ability to contain it? Of course, Ebola is just one of many diseases that would likely be introduced.


I did, that’s why I’m saying this. The CDC says the disease requires direct contact.

As they say there, there have been animal studies; none can be confirmed to pass on Ebola to humans.

And a disease that kills quickly but infects few burns itself out in short order.

What I’m pointing to is the low rate of infection, difficulty of transmission, and the fact West Africans had a cultural blind spot to this disease.

A blindspot we don’t have. We also have properly built hospitals, who know containment protocols, and can register signs of the disease in patients before people become infectious. Something West Africa didn’t have.

Ebola is a pandemic that afflicts poor, war-shattered nations. A developed peaceful one has no problems countering it.


These presidential hopefuls did not say that “free Healthcare” should be given to citizens, just illegals; which makes sense since productive citizens would never vote for democrats :wink:

Que AS claiming that illegals do not get Welfare benefits :joy:


At the Federal level, they take the least, and pay into the system. According to the people running it.

It’s at the State level where they’re a cost.

But most of them access even those benefits by having an American child. So… how does “no more birthright citizenship” not fix the issue?

Never saw this question answered.


The States “run it” and they do whatever they want with the sole agenda of protecting the bureaucracy, that means create dependency to keep your Party in power.

Abolishing birthright citizenship would change NOTHING, the judicial terrorists have and will continue to rule that United States citizens are obligated to pay illegals who seek the dole.


It was a Bush appointee who said it.

I’ll buy though that federal politicians play ball more often because they’re looking at these people as a money source they can use to spend elsewhere.

You don’t have to educate them, and you won’t be offering them retirement; they’re a fiscal bargain compared to a Native you have to spend money on.

The feds are always looking for how to get more money. Gay weddings were “blessed” for the same reason.

Gee, then why seek it? And why would the other side fight against it? It has to change something RET.


Your side fights against it because it enlarges their voter base, duh.


That’s only because they have been in shadows in the past and were afraid to come forward for fear of deportation. Once they given quasi citizenship, they were help to overwhelm the system as they demand their no cost to them services.


It’s also because of that “fear”, and a desire to legalize, that they’ve been paying into the system via an ITIN.

Stephen Goss (the Bush appointee) estimates that it’s 2/3 of illegals doing this, based on the amount of irreconcilable revenue he’s getting.

The ratio is 13 to 1. $13 billion contributed each year to $1 billion extracted.

The lifespan of SS and medicare/medicaid trust funds, is calculated based on how many of these people we have.


So like every government entity the Social Security people can’t balance their books, but they take a wild guess that illegals using stolen Social Security numbers to pay taxes must be the explanation!

Pretty convenient… Except of course for the facts.

If a Social Security number was being used by an illegal to pay taxes the owner of the number would call B.S. on the gross that what reported on his tax documents, this would cause the IRS to check the records of who got paychecks under that number and the criminals name and employer would pop right up; no need to “theorize” about the money source.

Incompetent bookkeeping or honorable illegals paying their fair share?

The answer is contained in the claim itself, if it was illegals paying taxes the proof would be obvious and quantifiable with no need for agenda driven speculation.


ITINs are not fake or stolen.

ITINs can be owned by anyone. Even an illegal. There’s no citizenship or legality test.

Illegals use them because they serve as a legal replacement for a SS number; something you need to apply for jobs, to get insurance, or mortgage or take out a loan.

But to use it, you have to pay into it.

Equally, illegals use them to establish “good behavior” when applying for legalization.

There are owners that openly sell their SS numbers to illegals actually. The IRS doesn’t care.

Just like they don’t care who uses ITINs.


If the source of the revenue was ITIN’s there would be no need for “speculation” on where the money came from, and those “Social Security numbers for sale” are from identity theft; not the owners of the numbers.

You are unbelievable


When it comes to the ITINs, there isn’t. The IRS records how much income derives from every single number registered.

We just don’t have a clear idea which numbers belong to illegals.

Equally, the “suspense file” is also of people paying into SS numbers that aren’t theirs or numbers that aren’t real. So speculation is required.


Fabricating a fairytale to further an agenda is “what is required”


This was all reported by Goss. Read the article RET.