It shocks me how ignorant a college graduate can be


With the stories coming out lately about college students with ignorance showing of the real world, we have been informed these little darlings must have everything free and if they do cholose to work at Mickey D’s they want a salary commensurate with someone who has worked and earned more pay because of experience and attitude. It has been pointed out that if they get ths amount this in turn raises costs and like everything else this snowballs into other costs going up and the demand for bigger wages for others.

Free college. It has been my experience that if it is free few people value it. What we do not need is a gut of young people going to college for the simple reason they can be supported by their parents or others with no real focus on gaining a career.

The we have the issue of hurt feelings. I think of black comics who get on the comic channel and badmouth whites and others and expect that is their right while telling others they can not do the same. The excuse of slavery is just a smoke screen and a diversion from people acting badly.

So now we have others joining in like copycats telling us they too are hurt if you do or say something that “offends” them. All this is aided by race hustlers and activists bent on causing trouble like petulant children with the gain of getting one over on daddy and mommy.

Now I read that these “hurt” individuals are now incensed because events in France has usurped their playacting. These latest outrage from students was started by lying about events and gaining momentum by activists fostering hate.