It 'Wouldn't Surprise Me' If The Court Strikes Down The Death Penalty


The death penalty is another issue where liberals and conservatives seem to be coming to a consensus regarding its implementation and the cost of this exceedingly expensive form of punishment. While the death penalty is constitutionally permissible, National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru said, "The state has the legitimate authority to execute criminals, but it should refrain if it has other means of protecting people from them. Our government almost always does.” As for costs, in some counties, capital punishment has become a budget buster. Last summer, death row inmates in Oklahoma petitioned the Supreme Court in Glossip v. Gross, saying that the drugs used in the lethal injection process would violate their constitutional rights. The case gained national attention when one of the defendants, Charles Warner, was given a botched execution since the state used the wrong drugs. Sodium thiopental was commonly used to make sure the inmate did not feel pain during the process, which ultimately ends with potassium chloride being injected to induce cardiac arrest.

In Illinois the death penalty was stopped by then Governor Ryan. I believe someone recently was executed in Texas. The bottom line is we want to be assured that the person is actually guilty.

Which brings up the question should we totally eliminate the death penalty? Does it serve as a deterrent? One aspect of the death penalty is the long appeals method which **incarcerates **individuals for years before final judgement is passed. Should this be reduced and streamlined? With modern technology crime labs are able to determine more.


Yeah, we must stop killing these convicted murderers, but we must be free to kill innocent babies.


First of all, there was NO “botched execution” in Oklahoma. The guy died–which was the whole point of the exercise. Admittedly, it took a couple of hours for him to die but he was unconscious the whole time and didn’t “feel any pain”…as if that matters one whit. HIS victim certainly did.


The death penalty certainly IS a deterrent, but ONLY when it’s certain and swiftly applied. Nobody who’s going to spend the rest of their lives being fed, housed and given access to porn, TV and books is going to be deterred from murdering anyone. Besides, as society’s “attitudes” change, there’s always the chance of parole. Someone wrote a book years ago about a society in which the death penalty had to be administered in the EXACT same fashion as the murder. If you shot someone in the head, YOU were shot in the head. If you poison someone, you’re given poison also. If you cut someone’s throat, YOURS was also cut. If you torture someone before killing them, YOU were tortured in the same fashion before you were killed. Sounds about right to me.


Any society that does not demand the life of someone who intentionally kills an innocent person is a society that places no value on innocent humanity, the moment we started calling the extermination of innocent babies a “Right” was the moment that we established the trajectory toward complete disregard for human life in favor of barbarism.

Any society who thinks that they “cannot afford Justice” will find that the costs of prohibiting Justice are many times higher than the cost of embracing Justice; fools can justify anything if the result will advance the course of tyranny and oppression for those they have dehumanized but the wise should know better.

Like all historic cultures who abandoned respect for life and innocence in favor of the barbaric values of tyranny, we are defining which humans have value based on the strength of the mob that can be formed. We are digressing into a shallow, murderous and self absorbed entity which will collapse under the weight of our own decadence.

The American Left are violent and bloodthirsty barbarians, they honor and admire the guilty while despising and murdering the innocent. The longer we leave these barbarians in charge of our politics, judicial and education structures the more assured our destruction becomes.

The Statist is the enemy of the Individual, the Individual is the enemy of poverty, stagnation and barbaric tyranny, these two opposing concepts have no common ground and cannot be reconciled via compromise; whichever view prevails will render the other powerless and irrelevant.