Its 5:27 PM and .

Its 5:27 PM and every single time I post a post a leftwing Martxist trolls me and responds to every single post, asking me ridiculous questions, even though he knows good and well that I have him on ignore, or “Mute.” Obviously the function does not work well. That is Provocation and Trolling. Continuing to engage a person that you know is ignoring you is definitely Provoking and Trolling.

That is not what I signed up for.

So, until that get fixed somehow, I shall take a resbit. To @Sendgop , thanks for the conversations.

Noted, I’d clear my cache and reinstall my os, and reboot my router and modem too but ya know live and let live right.

Read the TOS multi-posting is discouraged I’m not human. I’m a bot for when people make too many subs, and sub threads and refuse to engage. I keep learning from others. An Ai meant to annoy but not to provoke. Asmoivs laws of robotics and such. If you feel you have been provoked call Sophos PHBB AI Customer Support and retreat to a safe space where you will not be challenged.

What’s a Martxist? Or a resbit? Furthermore, if you are posting post after post after post and are upset about or annoyed about the responses and resent the actual responses being made, isn’t that just a roundabout way of saying you are spamming as you aren’t interested in feedback?

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Don’t let the door hit you in the butt, Knight Templar. Or Red Wave. Or Trump Girl. Or whatever your real name is.

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Why sign up for a forum if you’re going to put people on ignore?

It’s no fun not having any of your opinions challenged, and sometimes you may even find out that you were wrong. Happens to me all the time :smile: