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Apparently sometime this year or later last year a bunch of teachers started relentlessly grooming children yet they hide it so well. I be damned if people on this fine fourm could find 15 cases of child sexual abuse relating to LGTQ rights on here.

Damn those teachers damn those unions Betsy Devos needs a cut of those public school dollars. I live in Grand Rapids I’d never thought I’d see the Devos family so broke they were eating out of garbage cans on North Division. They’re starving you gotta give those people those public school dollars without charters they’re gonna die in a few weeks so they will pay for a 1 billion radio blitz to damn public schools and convince your kids are being sexually assaulted.

I’m putting a 50 dollar PayPal bounty on this if someone can show me 15 cases of child sexual abuse related to LGBTQIA lessons I a poor man of 32k and a family of 3 will PayPal them the money.

In absence of that, can you guys like stop calling democrats pedophiles. Our Muskegon County Democratic Party actually had real pedophiles (ones on the list one not forwarded to LEA) email the county to ask if fudging kids was normal. I kid you not were astounded. So please proof if this ever happened.

Teachers Unions are pretty awful, that’s beyond the pale now given how they responded to the pandemic, and had no less than Joe Biden turn against them

They also defend Teachers who watch porn.

Ever hear of “rubber rooms”? It’s where the schools stick people who do something naughty, but which Union contracts state they can’t fire.

For Unions, maximizing membership, even with bad people, is the goal.

I spent years in those. I would favor their abolishment, but I doubt unions have much to do with it. Individual districts could ban them and many have. They’re prison cells for kids. I broke out of one once and the police were called they chased me for four blocks. I broke my tooth in one because I slipped and hit the floor. I’m not saying public schools are great or even Good I’d say they are fair. Its in my experience that private schools are just much worse for lower income folks. 50 dollar bounty still stands, with this new deflation thing with Amber Heard I’m surprised they don’t launch it at the nut job sites spreading this. So you can not in fact prove any of these claims is that a fact you are stating?

They’re the ones protecting them, and just as in the case of that Wisconsin teacher, go to court for them when they’re not reinstated.

The Union protects shitty people; that’s a given.

And they also work to block laws that punish teachers who start having relations with their students:

"Massachusetts, two parents discovered that their teenage daughter was in a sexual relationship with her Spanish teacher. Hotel receipts and graphic photos provided proof of the relationship. The teacher was fired after his administrators saw the evidence but he refused to end the relationship with his student. So the parents called the police. Which is when they discovered that the teacher was untouchable by law enforcement because he had not committed a crime under state law. The Massachusetts state police supported subsequent efforts to get the law changed. The teachers’ unions opposed. "

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I’m not interested in your money, but I am curious as to your definitions; as in, what qualifies.


Surprise, surprise…

A crime of a nature of a sexual nature occurred during the instruction of diversity or the topic of LGBTQIA. By printing this nonsense you are putting teachers and democratic politicians at risk one here in Michigan gave a speech how she got death threats for herself and kids. The wing nuts are threatening us because they believe its true and then actual pedophiles are emailing us or cold calling asking if what your saying is normal or true.

Wait a minute. Are you saying if the abuse didn’t occur in the classroom during the “instruction,” it doesn’t count? If so, then that’s a blustering meaningless challenge.

I’m saying Talking heads on fox are saying it is without any proof I’m paying for proof.

Dude. … you sound just like my friend from work.

Do you have eyes?

20 years ago there were hardly any gay people. Thanks to the media and woke teachers, that number has skyrocketed abnormally and will continue its upward trajectory. Because adults- can- make- kids- believe- anything. It’s a fact.

You think people in adulthood would be praying to some unseen being if they hadn’t been taught he was there?
You think people in adulthood would all be LGBTQRIAXYZ+ if they hadn’t been taught that it’s an option?

I’m going to grasp onto the notion that you actually just want all this sexual stuff to go down in elementary schools for the sake of chaos and anarchy. When you inject sexual content into a kids’ learning curriculum it opens the floodgates for sexual predators to do what they want with kids.

this is why my side calls your guys “groomers” because at its core, talking to kids about sexual preferences in classrooms is going to make them interested in it, much like the D.A.R.E. program did such a bang up job.

Pre-2003 Sodomy was illegal in 32 states. They had to hide it dude. Seems like the only people who wanna be you friend are woke gay people that should be a sign they can overlook your harsh attitude. Hell I can.

Yeah I wish I could make my son believe that Veggies tasted good.

I think God is inherently there for those who seek it.

it’s been around fo 1000’s of years dude. I had a uncle that spent the 60s 70s 80s 90s and half of the 2000s trying to pray the gay away until it was socially acceptable to be with a man. I know many self hating gay Christians.

Because you say all democrats are pedophiles then pedophiles think what they do is suddenly ok we had 6 of them email the county party asking if it was normal or okay now we forwarded it to law enforcement because they clearly lost touch.

I guess more gay people are now willing to take anonymous surveys? Yeah that’s the reason the gay population is going up. Literally 50% of the planet or more is gay dude. Everyone’s just now coming out of the closet because now they’re invited to the party in the bedroom. And I want to hear the story about how your great great great great great grandpa was a furry but couldn’t tell anyone.

I’m not saying all democrats are pedophiles, but for the sake of your agenda, you’ll all look the other way when its happening and say you have no idea how or why and then pretend to be upset about it.

I doubt 50% but if someone wants to do Steve in the dirt button that’s their business. I got a wife it’s been 10 years man I’m not in the love game. If I my kid claims to wanna be with another man that’s his jazz ima let him know it’s a sin then tell him we all have choices to make. I made some bad choices and its never too late to turn back, that I’m not excited but I accept it.

Look man in my day it was Yaoi they tried to make men look all fem, and stuff with the emo, and the yaoi, no dude its got a penis ain’t into that not sorry. Queers gonna grift, fundies gonna grift, racists gonna grift, Fascists gonna grift. Everyones selling an ideology. Rap music is built on dealing drugs. Drug addicts gonna sell you their lifestyle. Everyone is selling a lifestyle. Marketplace of ideas I’m told. I goto bed knowing I ain’t ever done no one worse than I done myself.

Porno is built on being poly, and I get messed up with that from time to time when I’m bored. Jesus Christ said looking at another woman with lust is adultery of the heart. The first man ever saved was a theft next to him on a cross. You can trad signal to the day of your death with out Jesus its pointless.

I’m an old school Episcopal muckraker. I sometimes go to methodist churches because they also empathize free will. I do push the line on Jesus. It honestly drives me nuts how someone don’t know Jesus but they’re so worried about the queers? Guts is this personal is there a guy friend you wanna go down on? Are you feeling like you’re missing out? You don’t have to stand in line to polish a chicken.

Nope. And everyone I know that is gay is miserable and on medication. If possible, I’d like to save people from that fate. And it starts with the kids. Don’t start training them to be interested in LGBTQRIAXG+++ in elementary school and they won’t be. Don’t present is as a cool lifestyle choice that automatically makes you hip and unique and they won’t be. Sure a few will either way; but that’s the way mental illness goes.


I’m on more downers than Jimmi Hendrix when he died, and if I had a toxicology report the stuff I take on the daily looks like Heath Ledger but honestly I actually love my family and enjoy my life most times. It’s just that I’m so low energy because I have to temper the bipolar down with downers.

You know my feelings on drug abuse it doesn’t start in teenage years it starts when two irresponsible people hook up at a slayer concert and make a baby.

I’ve seen 2/3s of the gays I know come from clean cut Christian homes the rest of them are usually bi- but looking for a straight relationship. I don’t think you can indoctrinate by culture. I grew up listening to Cannibal Corpose am I feasting on the blood of the insane and digging up bodies in the graveyard nope. Don’t even really care about halloween anymore. I like dark dystopian sci-fi and Depeche Mode/Dreampop/Trip Hop and some melodic death metal.

Drugs are pushed by rappers as a cool lifestyle living like a thug is pushed by rap where is the outrage.

I think you like being the odd man out the only people you claim give you time “out west” are funk green haired women who are in poly relationships. Plus your a D&D anime nerd and anyone with a brain out here in the midwest would bust your chops relentlessly for that.

Your not a real republican you don’t hunt, I take it you don’t listen to country, you don’t goto church, and I don’t take it you like rural towns with less than a thousand people and a big old dog and back 40.

You’re a contrarian… trust me I know the Wokeness drives me nuts. I think Sam Hyde is funny he’s alt right and he gets me slapping my flipping knee.

Did you ever believe in Santa Clause? The Easter bunny? No? Well you’re an outlier because I actually believed in those, and the tooth fairy too. And most kids do too. Because adults made us go against all rationality because we thought it was fun. Just like your woke teachers teaching kids about how fun it is to be “a different gender.”

I bet you avoid Germans like the PLAGUE because YOU know that it’s in their genetics to hate jews, it had nothing to do with the nazi party’s prominence in WW2. well my friend maybe in a .001% it was actually in their genetics, but the rest was taught by society. Heil the rainbow!

I’m done here dude.

When did Fox enter this discussion?

I didn’t I called it out at a young age. I refuse to teach my son such things because it sows distrust.

My wife is German/Irish American. Anti-semetism actually started in Spain and Italy in the 1200s.

About 9 weeks ago they chimed in, and I quoted them.

Okay, when did they enter the conversation between you and me?

I dunno… I’m tired of the party I’ve volunteered for being called baseless things, I’d sure as heck like evidence. I don’t think the your side realizes calling us that name puts us at risk. I mean its a beautiful hit job if we just made things up we could of done it to the police or any other right wing profession. The point is there is meat to the argument.