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Suppose you are someone who is strongly sexually attracted to young teens… kids who are 12 or 13 or 14. And suppose you wanted to change society’s attitude to this, so that men having sex with little boys was seen as okay – as it was among some of the anti-Taliban fighters the US supported for so long.

What would you do? You could form an organization and openly argue for the legalization and normalization of your desire, as the people in NAMBLA [ ] and PIE [ ] did.

But that would be, and was, stupid. Our attitudes towards sex are not based on worked-out rational positions — they come from long-established customs … customs which are, by the way, not universal among human groups.

So what you do, if you want to have sex with a ten-year-old boy, is to start eroding the taboos and customs related to sex and children. Start with teenagers, where you can argue that they’re going to have sex anyway, so they had better learn about birth control.

Then work your way down. First, teach younger and younger age groups about normal sex … that it’s just a normal human activity, like watching TV or fishing … and then expand into non-normal sex. Hey, kids, it’s no big deal. Here’s your drag queen to read you a story. (Please note that by ‘non-normal’ I mean not normal according to the past norms of our rapidly disintegrating society.)

You’ll want to normalize all (non-coercive) sexual activity among adults – not just tolerate it, which it has been for a long time in our individualistic/libertarian culture – and then move the ‘adult’ boundary downwards. (I believe good progressives would like to extend the vote to 16 year olds now? [])

Step by step.

In another 20 years or so, Roman Polanski [ ] with his 13-year old sexual partner will be celebrated as a pioneer, and not just by Hollywood, who will be seen as ahead of their times.

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The dutch had an effective age of consent of 13 for over 20 years and they rejected it and it moved it to 16 on par with the US. These ideas aren’t popular even when they become law. Just like striking roe v wade down will never be popular even if it is law. I doubt even a small minority of democrats are attempting to lower the age of consent. Look at the protect act of 2022 see how many cosponsors there are from the left. See the vote on Sesta and Copa which were pushed by both Kalama Harris and Ted Cruz to stop any downward trend in youth sexualization. Both parties are against it and one is doing a hit job on the other.


The School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and "masturbation sleeves."

Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and “banging beyond binaries.”

In early July 2021, the district’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sent invitations to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to teachers and staff on the SDP Connect mailing list, promoting the conference as a way to “learn more about the issues facing the trans community.” The conference was organized by the Mazzoni Center, an LGBTQ activist organization that has worked with the district on sexual-education programs. (When reached for comment, the School District of Philadelphia described its promotion of the conference as part of its commitment to “creating equitable and inclusive environments,” and said it did “not have any information” on the number of teachers who attended the event. The Mazzoni Center did not return request for comment.)

I have obtained videos from a [publicly accessible website]that show that the conference went far beyond the school district’s euphemism about “issues facing the trans community.” The event included sessions on topics such as “The Adolescent Pathway: Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” “Bigger Dick Energy: Life After Masculinizing [Gender Reassignment Surgery],” “Prosthetics for Sex,” “The Ins and Outs of Masturbation Sleeves,” and “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries.” The conference attendees included educators, activists, adults, and adolescents. There were graphic sessions on prosthetic penises, masturbation toys, and artificial ejaculation devices, which some hosts explicitly promoted to minors. As one session host explained, “there’s no age limit, because I feel like everybody should be able to access certain information.”

The conference began with presentations promoting puberty blockers, hormone treatments, breast removals, and genital surgeries. In one session, “The Adolescent Pathway Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” Dr. Scott Mosser, the principal at the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, explained that he has performed “over two thousand top surgeries,” which involve removing girls’ breasts, and that there is no age limit for beginning the “gender journey.” “I do not have a minimum age of any sort in my practice,” he said, explaining that he would be willing to consult with children as young as ten years old with parental consent. In another session open to children, “Gender-Affirming Masculine and Feminizing Hormones for Adolescents and Adults,” Dane Menkin, divisional director of LGBTQ services at Main Line Health, endorsed treatments ranging from puberty-blocking hormones to manual breast-binding for “masculinizing” adolescent girls. “I’m a strong proponent that you can bind for as many hours a day as you can tolerate binding,” he said.

Other presentations at the Trans Wellness Conference involved explicit sexual themes. Two female-to-male trans activists, Kofi Opam, a graduate student at the University of Iowa, and Sami Brussels, a medical illustrator, hosted a presentation called “Bigger Dick Energy,” in which they explained the process of phalloplasty and using an artificial penis for “navigating cruising and anonymous/casual sex life.” Chase Ross, a transgender activist and YouTuber, hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating various devices from his collection of more than 500 genital prosthetics. “I have tried and touched many dicks, right—prosthetics, real dicks, all dicks. This is one of the most realistic feeling in terms of like the inside of a penis,” he said during one demonstration. “It’s a big boy, this is, like, gigantic. Alright, give me two hours alone and I’ll get this in my butt,” he said during another.

The most extreme presentation at the three-day conference was “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries.” Jamie Joy, a self-described “kinky,” “polyamorous,” “pretty big slut,” and Lucie Fielding, a self-described “white, queer, kinky, polyamorous, visibly able-bodied, Jewish, witchy, non-binary, trans femme” led the session. The women led a presentation on politically correct anatomical language, including terms such as “front hole” and “back hole,” and shared personal information about organizing orgies for participants to “explore their fantasies and their perversions in groups.” The instructors then discussed various “kink” activities, including fetishes about puppies, Mary Poppins, and spanking. “I haven’t gotten to explore a lot of my mommy kink. And I think for tonight I’m really wanting to feel cared for, but also get punished a little bit,” said Joy.

It is important to remember that this conference is not a fringe activity. The Mazzoni Center, which organized it, received more than $5 million in government [contracts]in schools throughout the region. The School District of Philadelphia has [partnered] with the Center on Sexual-health Research and [student] [sexual-education] programs, and the district’s director of teacher leadership, Amy Summa, sits on Mazzoni’s board of directors. Despite the school district’s euphemisms about “wellness” and “self-esteem,” the conference materials reveal a sexual ideology steeped in radical queer theory, not commonsense sex education. Parents and taxpayers should ask why the district’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion encouraged teachers to participate in such programming.

Originally published in City Journal.

You have to place this in historical context: this is what a dying society looks like.

Yes, of course. No politician who wants to get re-elected or elected will openly come out for this at this point in time. That’s not how it works. ‘Politics is downstream from culture.’ Change the culture first. And you do that in the schools and universities first of all. Slowly, slowly, catchee monkee.

and for every article like that I can find a county commissioner calling for liberals to be killed or jailed. I’m asking if it leads to actual abuse in the school if there is a sustained situation as a result of that. I saw the Loudin county trans teen who assaulted a girl twice two different girls. He (was called she) was allowed back on the campus of a different high school after a sexual assault. I have not seen an adult assault a child under the pretext of inclusivity or sexual education.

This is an indeed dying society I can see the extremes on my side and what they have done like you have posted here I can hope you can see the extremes on your side and what they have done to cause this.

What you are saying could be done but it would take 50 years. Changing attitudes on marijuana took 50 years from 1968-2018. I would hope no one seriously, would be attempting to do so but I never underestimate the depravity of man (holocaust, child abuse, serial killers, mass shooters). I’m no saint but last I checked you don’t mess with kids… period. In county jail thieves, violent types, drug addicts all hated Cho’s. We called them Cho’s it’s slang for, child habitual offender. We weren’t saints but we beat their asses every time a camera wasn’t near. I knew a dude who used to sling pot and shrooms, break into cars and stuff and he messed a lot of dudes up but when he did stuff to his little sister, he was dead to us they had to put him in state to keep him from us. We would of delivered justice in our way the old way like how they castrate cows. Listen if SHTF there’s gonna be some moderate democrats like me showing up in your ideological camp. You gotta understand we never on board with hurting kids, trans stuff, or any of that jazz. I don’t even know I can honestly vote for Biden with an honest or even selfish intent.

Step by step:

I freely acknowledge that there are extremes on the Right – I hang out on some rightwing sites where loons will publish comments calling for liberals to be executed for treason. And there is worse, just barely concealed – the “kill 'em all” crazies couldn’t organize a serious movement, but there are real, genuine, and intelligent fascists out there, people who are smart enough not to write things that could get them prosecuted for sedition, and who understand how to appeal to the discontent in America –

I don’t know if you have heard of the expression – credited I think to August Bebel, a 19th Century Socialist – that “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools”… but it’s the traditional, and natural, expression of people who accept the Left’s basic premise – all our problems are caused by a few rich people at the top – but then focus it on the tribal group that is smarter than the rest of us and has had commensurate success in life.

Fortunately, the American Right has a strong core of Christian Zionists, partly motivated by religious doctrine and partly motivated by the unapologetic way that Israel defends its interests. But I think this group is declining in influence, because their belief runs counter to the quasi-isolationism that is growing on the Right.

The crazies didn’t cause the Leftist attack on society, they’re a reaction to it. And of course the external enemies of America will do whatever they can to encourage these people.

This would be the exposure therapy like Cheech and Chong brought in the 70s?
Kids just need like happiness and education. My kid likes Blippi which is like Mr Rogers of the 21st century. Do you think this is organized or more insurgent?

I’ll argue that, at least originally, they were worked out; by God. Other than that, I agree with your post that this quote came from.

John Stonestreet has stated that a lot on the Breakpoint commentary. I don’t entirely agree; I think we’ve seen plenty of politics pushing culture in the direction it’s going. Granted, they had to work slowly at first to make people receptive to their agendas, but work they did. And more recently, Stonestreet has modified that quote to say: “Politics is usually downstream of culture.”

I’ll disagree. I believe there is indeed at least a small minority. And I’ll remind you of the article that Slim linked several posts ago.

The ACLU and most (probably all) teachers’ unions are decidedly liberal/Democrat.

I don’t think it’s organized. Some bold person pushes the envelope of what’s socially-acceptable out a wee bit. Then it becomes the norm. Then another person pushes the envelope a bit further. And so on.

It’s like the use of the ‘F-word’ on television. The first time someone did it, on an interview program, I think, about 50 years ago, it was a huge sensation. Now it’s normal. One step at a time, see?

Nudity will be the same. After all, it’s just a social convention. There were, probably still are, societies where it’s perfectly normal for everyone to go about naked. (Primitive societies.) And there have been ‘clothing optional’ beaches, and ‘nudist clubs’, for a long time.

Let the Supreme Court lose its conservative majority, and at some point we’ll see a challenge to the intolerable sexist restriction that prohibits women from going bare-chested in public, but not men. Or maybe that’s already happened. Then we’ll see another challenge, to establish the Constitutional right not to have to wear clothes at all. One step at a time.

And after that, public sexual activity, of all sorts, will become a Constitutionally-protected right, and clever liberals will post sarcastic comments in places like this demanding to know why conservatives think it’s all right for two men to shake hands in public, but not to conjoin other parts of their bodies. One step at a time.

And then videos of this, if not in-the-flesh performances, will eventually be shown to six-year olds, because, after all, it’s just part of life, perfectly natural. One step at a time.

But this will occur a step at a time. Each step will inspire outrage among deplorables, and some uneasiness, but eventual acceptance, among the plorable. Perhaps a handful of professors who don’t go along with the change will be fired, deplorable speakers shouted down, some government employees who value principles over their income will be forced out for not enthusiastically endorsing the latest advance … but since each step is just a quantitative extension of the previous one, there won’t be any big reaction to it.

The classicist Victor Davis Hanson has a nice article in the latest issue of New Criterion about the Satyricon, as applied to modern America. The Satyricon was written in the first part of Rome’s transition from a republic to an empire – Nero was one of the emperors then – not in the final period of its decline and fall. The parallels with modern-day America are interesting. Read it here:

Of course, in this nasty old world, eventually the me-me-me, poor victimized oppressed me, attitude on the part of a larger and larger proportion of each new generation … will have consequences. Their exact form is not predictable, but we can be pretty sure they won’t be pretty.

I actually have no qualms about non sexual nudity in any form.

Again no qualms

We have a number of them here actual public beaches.

Canada has that law as do 4 states. Again no Qualms.

This is where I draw the line even San Fran stopped the Folsom Street Fair. If someone wanted to open up a swingers club or a massage parlor where people could engage in that I’m fine but out in the open no. Even in Muskegon, Tuesdays after 7 are a kink meetup at a local upscale wine and coffee place.

See this I also oppose.

I’ve stated multiple times we are an empire in free fall. Imperialism causes societies to neglect their home states. I think we should hold onto what we have. Ukraine can never be part of Nato, Hungary and Turkey should be out of nato and the EU. Our focus should be on liberal democracies. We an’t make Iraq democratic they use it to punish each other.

You have hyper traditionalism fighting against hyper liberalism and they both can’t coexist but like you said the 10th might be out best hope. I hope the court applies it equally social policy is best left to the states.

To which I would respond that it isn’t good to make others stumble spiritually. The fact is that it is between difficult and impossible to separate nudity and eroticism for many if not most of us, even if we rationalize otherwise.

Listen if they’re gonna goto hell they might as live it up as well.

You assume nudity means erotic? I get that is a very Amero-Centric view, what about comedic nudity? No other country on earth thinks like that. Were the only one that assumes naked = sex maybe that’s why we’re are so neurotic.

The idea is to reduce temptation that leads them to hell.

No. It’s a universal fact that men are turned on by visual nudity.

1 sin is all it takes to get to hell and ain’t no one here without sin so lets not throw stones.
Really Christ is always knocking and you think a mans temptation gets in the way? I was at my lowest when I answered its Pride that’s in the way. You ever hear of hitting rock bottom? Sorry you never had to fall first boyScout. I’ll put it this way if you are humbled you become proud, and if you are proud you WILL be humbled. What you said just sounds like catholic social teaching to promote your worldview. We are an inherently fallen species separate form the lord. It was told to render unto Caesar what is due to Caesar and give unto the lord what is due to him. A government “can not serve man and God at the same time”. Now if you read the bible you’ll know I just dropped 5 verses in there.

Let’s agree that some – many – males (can’t speak for females) are turned on by female nudity in America today. Or at least made uncomfortable by it, when it occurs outside of certain domains. These males don’t necessarily include those who worry about getting to heaven.

So a compromise is: all the nudity you want in magazines and books and online and in DVDs etc. (This development has been a triumph of the Left and civil-liberties-above-Right during the last five decades.)

And all the nudity you want at clothing-optional beaches and nudist camps.

And in your own home.

But not in public spaces.

This should keep everyone more or less happy. For those who think this discriminates against (real) females with respect to bared chests, they should not that men can’t show their todgers in public either – it’s a question of what is considered a sexual-arousal-signal (or at least an discomfort-making-signal) by the other sex.

Those who really do insist on the right to go naked anywhere they like, including in kindergartens, they can be comforted with the fact that this is where the US is heading. Just wait a bit.

Yeah Netflix and Cable are two different things and they run along generational lines. The most watched cable channel is FOX and it pulls in the 60+ demo. Look its already solved by apartheid we have netflix/hulu/amazon prime they have Cable Services which have broadcast standards.

Yeah several states have nudist beaches so that’s already a non-issue. My wife hates the nude beaches I find it funny. I broke into a wild life refuge and swam nude when I was homeless so its out of my system. It just annoys me that people can’t see a body and be like yeah that need clothes 100% of the time. Yeah in public I was at a regular swimming hole and two dykes were making out and me and my wife father took a gander for polite minute and they looked back and were like carry on we’ll look else where. Listen were just waiting for the boomers to die to change the rules its already been decided. The funny thing is the Zinnials want to push it further than millennials, that trans thing is a real fault line between Generation Y and Z.

1 I wasn’t throwing stones. I’m advocating for something that is found in the Lord’s Prayer: “Lead us not into temptation.”
2 Yes.
3 You assume a lot. I did fall. That doesn’t mean that I can’t fall again. Or that there’s any excuse not to oppose the temptation.
4 Which has exactly what to do with eliminating an avenue of temptation?

Us personally, and mind you even Lot fell not to temptation in literal Sodom he was delivered.
In the end Good will be bad and bad will be good who are you to stop the lords will it is written it will happen.

I found just the opposite seeing how messed up this world was gave me a last prayer in 2011 where Christ reveled himself had the world not been so messed up I would not been so desperate to seek to answer when he was knocking. You were raised up in a way I was not.

Thats your personal relationship to Chris only you can write him off. I think you understand the consquences assume a lot. I did fall. That doesn’t mean that I can’t fall again. Or that there’s any excuse not to oppose the temptatio of doing so regardless of temptation.

You can’t eliminate it we are bound to sin, some of us are free from sin and seek grace. We can’t not stop sinning only the holy spirit can intervene